Yuri On Ice Tissue Case

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Remember Viktor’s cute puppy from the anime Yuri on Ice? Well, guess what! Avex Pictures merchandise brand revealed pictures of their version of Viktor’s dog-shaped tissue case on Feburary 7th. The tissue case is just as cute as its anime version and Makkachin who inspired it. The tissue case has become popular among the fans and the company often has to restock.

Image result for viktor and his dog yuri on ice gif

The Twitter account for Yuri on Ice made plans in November to recreate the tissue case. In the anime, figure skater Viktor appears rink-side with a brown tissue box case inspired by his own poodle. The Makkachin tissue cases are in retail for 3,400 yen (about US$30). Avex Pictures planned to have the cases go on sale at the end of January.

Anime shops in Japan are also accepting pre-orders for two kinds of Makkachin notebook and pouch sets also. There will also be similar pouches inspired by Yuri Plisetsky’s Tiger T-shirt. Isn’t these awesome for Yuri on Ice fans? Tell us your thoughts or favorite moments in the comment section below.

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