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Your Name Live-Action Version in the Works

When I woke up today to see that a Your Name live-action version had been announced, I instantly grimaced. This should be cause for celebration, but it’s hard to get excited over Hollywood anime adaptations when they (and video game movies) have generally been so awful.


Now now, calm down readers, because I’m willing to give this a chance. J.J. Abrams is a fantastic director (oh but Mitch, this movie will just be Your Name: lens flare edition! Haaaa, I beat you to it) and he might actually stay faithful to the source material.


Sadly, my hopes are low as when things get adapted for a different market, the tone and message usually changes along with it. This is part and parcel with adaptations, especially as Your Name is very ingrained in Japanese culture and would be difficult to portray in the West without changing a number of things.


your name live-action


Are you excited for a live-action version of Your Name? Hopefully this one is better received than Netflix’s Death Note and the recent live-action Ghost in the Shell.

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