Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 8 Review: Weakness is Thunder and Years of Insecurity

No more simple cuteness and comedy for Wotakoi. In Episode 8, Narumi and Hirotaka face their fears… with comedy and cuteness, of course! Hirotaka is asking all the right questions once again and saves the day while we dive more into his character, including some of the darker parts. Let’s get into the review!

Japanese Title: 苦手な雷と、気になるお年頃 (Nigate na Kaminari to Ki ni Naru Toshigoro)

Episode 8 – Weakness is Thunder and Years of Insecurity

The sky is a single grey mess today and we soon find out that a typhoon is approaching. What seems like a normal inconvenience soon turns into the main topic as we find out that Hirotaka is scared of thunders. He gets special treatment and is allowed to work with his headphones on so he can’t hear the thunder. Narumi is still very worried about him and follows him into his smoking break. The two of them dive into a memory from their childhood, where Narumi was super scared of thunder as well, yet still came running over to Hirotaka to check on him when he was sick. The two of them realize that when they are together, they aren’t as scared of the thunder… We switch to an older Hirotaka when he first pierced his ears thinking about how hard it is to grow up because there are so many things to learn. He asks the important questions, what it means to grow up, if Narumi wants to go on a real date, and how Kabakura and Hanako behave when they are together since they always seem to fight when Hirotaka is there.


Episode title

The title of this episode should have been ‘The Weaknesses of Hirotaka’. The series makes it a big point that he does not express his feelings well with facial expressions and thus many people might think he is cold and that he might lack emotion. Being scared of something as simple as a thunder is so cute (even though he says it’s not being scared but rather not having good memories whenever there is thunder…) and it gives Hirotaka as a character so much more depth. Can I love Hirotaka more than I do already? Probably not. I still feel as if I do love him more, though.

I also felt thrown back to my childhood when he talked about not being able to save the game during a thunder (#relatable). I still have this thing going on, where I have to save my game every few minutes when I think I achieved something, just because I can. I remember the old times when you only received a password every few levels – and not right after that hard level, where you had to play 5 hours until you passed it and then they didn’t give you a password right after it, so you had to re-do it until you passed the level after the super hard level as well…! ARGH! So yes, I can feel the pain of Hirotaka. Children nowadays don’t know how good it is to be able to save whenever and turn the game off without a worry…

Naru is strong

In the beginning, Narumi talks really dramatic and uses the typhoon to make some strange comments, which are fun. Narumi is also scared of thunder and that made me appreciate the whole first half of the series even more. She was trying to be funny to cover her fear and she worried more about Hirotaka than herself. The scene where they write messages to each other was so, so, SO cute. Including the flashback. Seeing them as kids makes it clear that they really know each other well, since they saw each other grow up. Narumi is perfect for Hirotaka and she really tries to take care of him. Keep doing what you do, girl!

Growing up is hard

We see these grown up people at work who love anime. We know they are young and still look for love, but they are independent and adults. This episode brought them another step closer to me because they are in the same situation I am in. Grown ups, but not quite. Where does it begin? The earring of Hirotaka is back, where we see why he did what he did. First, we see him admire a guy with piercings, who – I think – is walking with Narumi and the next thing he tries is to pierce his own ear. Is it just me who had her heart hurt over Hirotaka being not impressed at first and then being hit by the whole wave of feelings? Hurt and fear and insecurity. Insecurity that drags on until today because he still is the same guy. It is a very bittersweet scene. Be strong, Hirotaka!

Asking the real questions

Our hero for this episode asks Kabakura and Hanako the one question I have been wondering for so long. Do they always fight? Because while I think it is a bit amusing if they are kidding each other a bit, it does get a bit intense with these two and I wonder how they deal with it for so many years. I wouldn’t want to fight all the time. Sooner or later it starts to eat at you if someone keeps telling you that you are an ugly witch… At least, I would think so. How it throws the two of them off is really cute and refreshing, but it makes me wonder why they end up fighting in front of everybody? What is it with them? There probably was another reference to an anime I didn’t know when they raged up to another big fight, but well… I am too used to their fights. Just let them do it. I’ll be over there with Hirotaka and Narumi and ready to proceed with the story once they are done with their fight.

The second important question makes me all giddy for the next episode. Another part of insecurity is shown, with Hirotaka asking Narumi to a real date. Not just hanging out, because that’s exactly what the two of them have been doing. This time, he wants a real date. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to it! A bit more awkwardness and insecurity until they realize how comfortable they are with each other and start behaving normal around each other and start to love and appreciate the other even more. Yes, I am ready for that. Thursday, please come soon!!



The only thing I really wanted to say is that typhoons are really horrible and everybody is really nervous when there is a typhoon on a weekday. If your area is in danger of being hit, you will receive a message on your phone and you might even get a day off at your job or are allowed to leave early because the trains might stop running until the evening. So far, I have only had to leave work early once for a typhoon, because even though there are often warnings, the typhoon hardly ever hits Osaka hard. Which I am really thankful for, I hope it stays like that. I understand how Hirotaka and Narumi would be scared of thunder. At the same time, I am amazed everybody stayed at work and nobody left early. Typhoon days are always feel chaotic.

See you next week

That’s it! I didn’t get to mention cute Nao, who definitely should stick to contact lenses. Actually, it was kind of a punishment because we still didn’t get to hear anything about his friend!! Dear producers, there are only 4 episodes left, let us meet the last main character, too! If you introduce her before the series even starts, then let us already meet her… Pretty please?

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Spring 2018 | Anime Info | Simulcast

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