Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 5 Review: Introducing Naoya and Gamers Meetup Part II

Wotakoi introduces a new character just in time before the series had a chance to get boring. He is a very blessed non-judging non-otaku, who just rolls with things because he is used to because they grew up with an otaku. I already want to hug Naoya – that’s his name. Let’s take a look how he brightened up the episode in this week’s review!

Japanese Title: 尚哉登場とゲーム会Part Ⅱ (Naoya Toujou to Geemu-kai Part II)

Episode 5 – Introducing Naoya and Gamers Meetup Part II

I have been wondering last week about Hirotaka’s pierced ears, and this week we get a very unspectacular opening scene out of Narumi’s and Hirotaka’s discussion about that. After that, we dive directly into meeting the new character. Narumi decides to use her break to go and grab a cup of coffee since Hirotaka simply fell asleep while eating after playing games through the night. Hanako and Kabakura join her and then the impossible happens, when the cute, new barista from the ‘Starbocks’ close to the office starts talking to Narumi. At first, she is really confused but it turns out it’s someone she knows and they decide to talk through his break. Hanako and Kabakura can’t help but be worried. Since they hit it off so well, Hanako says he might be one of her ex-boyfriends. Kabakura decides he has to step between them to protect Narumi and her relationship when Hirotaka appears at the shop and sees Narumi talk to the cute barista…


Being a Child Forever

I just wondered last week about Hirotaka’s piercing, and this week we get an answer! It was a lot less spectacular than I thought but hit close to home and was very satisfying. Having your ears pierced in Japan is kind of an issue, because most schools do not allow it and you have to take them out at school. So having Hirotaka doing something rebellious like having his ears pierced does seem a bit out of character and just like the thing one would do while growing up. I love it because it is just the thing to do. It doesn’t hurt other people but it still seems very rebellious. Their conversation is also very memorable. He talks about how he wanted to grow up fast but now he wants quite the opposite and stay a child forever, just like me and many other people. Maybe not because of the toys, like Narumi mentioned, but still… I totally understand how he wants to stay a child forever. (#relatable)

Kabakura Protective

Ah, Kabakura, don’t try to pull me over to you, you know you are not my type. But isn’t he cute, how he tries to protect the relationship of his friends and how he has that fake image of Narumi? He is too cute and makes me all doki-doki (the sound of the heart beating faster). We also get to see the direct Hanako again, when she pulls Kabakura in for a kiss, which made my heart go doki-doki even more! She marked him as hers in front of everybody. If you ever have been in Japan, you might have noticed that not many people kiss on the street and even holding hands is rare compared to Western countries (even though it gets more common). So having her smooch Kabakura in front of that practical stranger to them is a big thing and I did scream a little when I saw it. She is so bold and amazing. You go, girl! Show ’em to whom Kabakura belongs to!!

Just Family

Yeah, so it was just the little brother. But we knew that already from a previous article here, so it’s not too big of a spoiler. Still, if you are like me and read through such information just to forget it right away, you probably didn’t know and were as surprised by it as I was. It still would have been a very cute episode, even if I hadn’t forgotten about this tiny detail. And I remember the awkward friend he has, who is an otaku and totally in love with him, so I am looking forward to meeting the otaku-friend! It can’t be long now, right? Another cute love story ensues!

Another Night of Gaming & Cuteness

I think what they played this time was Super Smash Brothers. At least the reaction Naoya gave pretty much fit my own when I am playing the game (#relatable). He is so blissfully fluffy and bubbly and cute and innocent, it makes me wonder how much Hirotaka must have protected him (or tried to challenge that innocence and purity…). I am a tiny bit envious when I see them meeting up like that to play games. I want to have game meetings like that as well. On top of that, Narumi was a special kind of cute, maybe because Naoya led her on? Both of them could never be together because they are both too cute and that would destroy the world. We need balance. That’s why Hirotaka is Naoya’s brother.

See You Next Week

That’s it for this week! I really hope we see Naoya’s otaku friend soon. The fact that Naoya works so close to them and his university is close to Hirotaka’s house also might imply that we will see him a lot more in the future, maybe even to the point that Hirotaka and Narumi can’t enjoy their time together? On the topic of that, I really want to see some more lovey-dovey moments between Narumi and Hirotaka. Yes, I am a bit greedy, but I really like those random moments where they get closer and you can feel that they are a couple and not just good friends who have known each other for years. If Hirotaka doesn’t know how he could ask Kabakura! Kabakura is an expert at random, cute romance. Maybe join the power with Hanako, because she also knows a thing or two about how to spice things up, as we saw this episode. Even if they don’t spice things up, I can’t wait for next week’s episode. See you!

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

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