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The countdown has started, there are only four episodes to go until the end of Welcome to the Ballroom, including this one. Our main concern seems to be wether Tatara and Chi-chan are able to win this tournament to stay together as a pair or if they will lose and have to split up. Let’s take a look at what Kiyoharu’s efforts as a trainer last week have brought our tiny tensai Tatara…

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Heat 21. Door

A leaders job is to open doors for the partner and show him the way to go. However, thanks to Kiyoharu’s special treatment of stretching his muscles, Tatara has no control over his own body whatsoever and is making big steps that Chi-chan can hardly follow. They are desperately trying to figure this out and even Chi-chan is working hard to catch up on Tatara. Meanwhile, the whole hall is admiring Kugimiya and his perfect dances. Even Kiyoharu realizes, he might have made a mistake with his advice…


Viennese Waltz and Artwork

If you didn’t know yet, I am from Austria and was waiting for something to do with our waltz since the beginning of the series. It is no wonder my personal highlight was when they talked about the history of viennese waltz and even had a nice historical drawing of the big hall at Schönbrunn castle where back in the day the royal family probably held many balls. It was drawn with such great detail that I didn’t even have to think which place it was. The whole picture reminded me once again about how much I like the artwork of this series. There was also the Adam & Eve moment with the Tatara-pair and the Kugimiya-pair, where I had to pause and admire the art.

Comments from ALL the people

Let’s be honest, this cup is dragging on again. However, the things I like are the comments from all the people. We hear what Tatara and Chi-chan are thinking, but also get the thoughts of random audience members, their friends, the reporters and the judges. That is a big variety of people and it is interesting, since all of them focus on different things. It is better than just hearing Tatara and Chi-chan worry.

Chi-chan’s desperation

She really wants to stay with Tatara, doesn’t she! She is so cute, how hard she tries to catch up to him. Especially the scenes with the doors, where she and Tatara were children again and kept talking with each other made her seem so desperate, I felt all her emotions swap over and felt so much love for Chi-chan like in no other episode so far. If this doesn’t work out, she would stop dancing. If she did stop, what was the meaning of all the weeks they were training and arguing, growing with each other. She feels the pressure and her heart is responding. I thank the producers so much for showing us the inner feelings of Chi-chan. Please let them somehow win, so that they can stay together and dance


Somebody kick Kiyoharu! For a nano-second I hoped Shizuku would slap him. As much as I love him and said I admire the way he doesn’t feel bad, I think he would deserve a slap. What did he think, doing such a thing to Tatara? He simply calls it a ‘failed experiment’. My dear boy, get off your high horse! Poor Tatara was already telling him not to. But somehow nobody is actively blaming Kiyoharu. Instead Tatara tries to fix it himself, Chi-chan tries to adjust herself and everybody just thinks its Tatara’s problem to deal with anyway. In my humble opinion, Tatara deserves a big cup of ice cream after this – and Kiyoharu has to pay. Shirtless. Chi-chan and the others can come along and make Kiyoharu pay for their ice cream as well. He definitely needs more practice as a teacher… Communication would be a start!

Hopes for the upcoming episode and rest of series

It is so simple. I want Tatara to get a grip and the cup to be over. Last weeks episode was fun, this week I enjoyed most of the episode, but when I was about to write the review, I realized ther was nothing much happening and we were still stuck at the cup. There are only so many rounds left for Tatara and Chi-chan to mess up, so please get it over with! There are three episodes left and I fear all of them will be spent at this cup, shivering in fear over the possibility of Tatara and Chi-chan having so separate at the end of the series.

The next episode of course will be at the cup, but we could interpret the title as a new found way for Tatara and Chi-chan to cope with the situation. A leader-partner that suggests the moves or guesses them right and it seems like the leader is doing all the work. Sounds like a plan!

On the other hand, there are many scenes with Kugimiya in the preview and we might even go into his past, which would be interesting! It also would distract me from the fact that we are still at the cup. Well, it would distract me a little. So see you next week!

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