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While Tatara and his partner Chi-chan had a big breakthrough in the last episode of Welcome to the Ballroom, we have yet to see how it works out. And what better than an actual competition to do so? The stakes are also high, because they promised to stop dancing with each other if they don’t win this challenge… So let’s see how well they work together this week!

Japanese Title: 背番号13

Heat. 18 Competitor No. 13

It’s the day of the competition and Tatara and Chi-chan are here to face the Kugimiya-pair and Aki-chan-pair as well as a bunch of other competitors. They seem motivated and master the first few rounds with great results. As soon as they are off the dancefloor, they start discussing. Of course, Gaju, Kiyoharu, Mako-chan, and Shizuku are there to cheer them on. Even Chi-chan’s family came to cheer her on and the families of Aki and her partner are there as well, making a great commotion. It causes Chi-chan to call Tatara a coward, because he still hasn’t told his family about his new hobby. He intends to keep it a secret, but hearing Chi-chan calling him a coward throws him off his routine and their balance, so they have to figure it out mid-contest. Kiyoharu watches them from afar and thinks that during the preliminaries would be just the right time for them to fall apart, as long as they would start working finde for the finals. If they make it that far….

Episode Highlights

Fire in the House

Tatara and Chi-chan work so well together! They are fierce and hot, their arguing is fun and not annoying. As Kiyoharu says in his explanations, they are discussing things instead of screaming at each other. This can make them become a lot better as a couple. I think they already are much better in this episode and have learned how to talk to each other. It was a pleasure to see them talk and discuss and I loved that I could finally feel that they were working out as a pair. Tatara is not a weakling anymore. He can face Chi-chan and not just defend himself in front of her. He thinks a lot about how he wants to dance and what his style, his leading, and his ambitions are. It was great to see this much development in the episode.

Gaju & Kiyoharu narration

I will try not to fangirl about Kiyoharu’s sexy voice, but I was delighted that he got to do all the commenting in this episode. What Sengoku did in the first half of the series, he did this time. With some help from Gaju, they explained everything we needed to know, showed us what to look out for and what the issues were. Of course, I miss Sengoku and would have loved to hear his comments instead, but to be honest, I think Kiyoharu’s voice gets sexier with each episode, so I can’t complaind. I think this was one of the best parts of the whole series.

Family support

I really enjoyed the scene where all the family members arrive. It showed how careful the series was thought about. The main characters are not alone, they do have a family and friends. I like the care and work that was put into it, and it makes the whole series so much more worthy in my eyes. There are so many stories, where even the parents of the underage main character mysteriously disappear or are never at home (*cough* Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne *cough*), so if somebody is not lazy and instead makes it part of the story and creates a proper world in which the characters and story are set instead of creating just the main story, I am bound to love it.

Themes and Trivia

I am sorry, there wasn’t much to talk about this week. They concentrated so much on the development of the characters and the tournament, there isn’t much I can think about sharing with you. Let’s hope for more next week. You can also use the comments to ask questions and I will write about it in the following review!


This episode was enjoyable! It was the tournament, but the dancing scenes weren’t too long. We had all the necessary narration thanks to Kiyoharu and we proceeded fast enough, with a good mixture of beautiful drawn dancing and artwork stills. One of the best parts was the moment the couple ‘clicked’. After they messed up their whole dance and Tatara was thrown off by Chi-chan’s comments, he finally found out what he wanted to do and there was a strange scene, where we could see Tatara flow into Chi-chan’s blood cells…or something similar. Once again, I was a bit reminded of Attack on Titan, but the real important part here is that they somehow managed to feel each other. It will be an important part of the next episode and of course will make things more exciting from now on. I think that the problem of the couple is solved and now they can start to train seriously – after they have won this tournament, of course, since they said they would only stay together if they win.

Expectations for the next episode

A young Chi-chan and a young Aki-chan! Oh yeees! I think their friendship is very special and even though I would normaly hate a relationship like that, if there are the right reasons, I understand that they exist. I hope we do get to see why Aki-chan is angry with Chi-chan and how our energetic Chi-chan came to like dance and was paired with Aki-chan.

I also would enjoy to see someone else struggle with the dance aside from Tatara (and some random pairs we don’t know, because Kiyoharu mentions them during his explanations). All the characters are so likeable, which is why I also want to see their struggle and improvement. So this time, I hope we will see Aki-chan and her struggles, including her past!

NEXT TIME: Heat 19. Rival

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