Violet Evergarden Episode 6 Review: Somewhere, Under a Starry Sky

Did you spend your Valentine’s Day with your significant other or alone next to a bottle of wine? Either way, this week’s Violet Evergarden didn’t do the most insignificant holiday in the world any favors.  

Japanese Original Episode Title: 「どこかの星空の下で」


Under some rather unlikely circumstances, Violet and a bunch of other overly dressed typists are transported to an observatory in order to help the manuscript department create transcriptions of a shipment of extremely old, rare, and fragile books. As you can imagine, this is totally Violet’s cup of tea, as the job requires nothing but typing skills and absolute discipline.

Violet is paired up with some kid called Leon Stephanotis, who, as we know thanks to his uber-tsundere intro speech, does not like Auto Memory Dolls, not one bit. I’m going to make a wild guess here and predict that Violet is going to radically change how he thinks because of how special, unique, and disciplined she is. Did I mention hot? Also, yeah, hot. I’m guessing Leon is going through puberty.

That is exactly what happens. Leon is amazed by Violet’s looks, modesty, skill, and overall awesomeness, especially when she defends him –sort of- in front of some of his annoying colleagues who consider him a twat. He (as does any manuscript member of staff does with his assigned typist) invites her to stargaze at a comet with him, an astronomical event taking place once in every 200 years. I wonder if any of these guys actually managed to get some because Leon certainly didn’t. The only thing he got was a love confession from Violet to her beloved Gilbert. Nothing new here.

By the end of the episode, Leon, inspired by Violet’s awesomeness and despite the fact that he barely knew her, decides he wants to follow in her footsteps and travel the world like his parents did. Yay.

Themes & Trivia

Gendering: A huge group of male scholars is assigned to a huge group of hot women who are there to provide a service. There are no female scholars and no male typists. What a cliché. *sigh*

Book conservation: A truly fascinating field of study, book conservation is a real job (unlike Auto Memoir Doll-ing) and is the practice of applying chemical techniques and processes in order to preserve historical manuscripts, books, and much more. You can get a master’s degree in book conservation, even though book conservation courses around the world are being discontinued because of their costly equipment. What a shame.

Leon Stephanotis: Probably a Greek name; even though Leon appears in numerous Latin-based languages as well as in Greek, Stephanotis is, definitely, a Greek name. You can tell by the –is suffix and the fact that ‘stephano’ in Greek means ‘crown’, or, more accurately, ‘wreath’.

Stenography: I know I am too keen on moaning about how over-the-top Violet is (practically perfect in every way), but I am about to do so again. The speed in which Leon was dictating was a bit too fast for someone to type to. Professional typists can type around 75 words per minute; the speed of speech (which was very close to what Leon was reading) is around 180. At this speed, people usually employ stenographers to keep notes rather than transcribing the whole text. Stenography (or ‘shorthand’) is a symbolic alphabet used to increase writing speed and used to be a highly demanded skill before tape recorders where invented. According to BBC, stenography is probably a dying art.


Nice to see Violet getting some hits with the male crowd, even if that consists of prepubescent boys. Then again, I keep forgetting she’s around that age as well. The show has now been stabilized into non-connected small stories around Violet’s adventures with random people that basically praise her prowess and guide her through a journey of discovering what feelings are. I did laugh a little bit when she said she didn’t know what loneliness is, but I’m not gonna get into that.

Still nothing tho

Can we please, please get to see Violet’s backstory? I’m tired of seeing runts running around.  

What did you think of the Violet Evergarden’s Episode 6? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comment section below! And don’t forget to check the rest of the Winter 2018 anime reviews on MANGA.TOKYO!

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