Vatican Miracle Examiner Episode 10 Review: The Ghosts of Past Appeared

Episode 10 of Vatican Miracle Examiner was super interesting! I was sitting at the edge of my seat as I was trying to figure out what was going to happen, and needless to say that I called it about the Decapitating Clown’s true identity. A bit predictable though. The show was excelling at throwing all kind of crazy shit at you, oh well…

Japanese Original Episode Title: 現れし過去の亡霊


After the murder, in the church of Saint Eligius, Hiraga is trying to figure out what is going on with the ‘changing colour-Jesus’ statue and why was that boy killed. Roberto wakes up to a song sung by children that live near the church and decides to go and have a walk around the village of Monte. He ends up finding out about the documentary of the Decapitating Clown that was filmed 32 years ago and was terminated as a horrible accident. To his surprise, Father Trones was involved in that accident along with some of his friends and his fiancée. Roberto goes around the homes of the victims and everyone involved and manages to acquire a copy of the tape of the documentary.

After their old friend, the American FBI agent, comes to investigate the case, they are informed that Father Trones was found dead and according to the footage that the cameras got, the Clown and the boy came from inside the church. From the fingerprints left on the scene, they realize that the killer is actually Father Julia and that the boy was held in some underground cave or something, fed only with bugs (poor thing). In the end, they decide to go and investigate the forest where everything happened 32 years ago in order to find out the truth behind all this.

Episode Highlights

The house over there: I really liked the song sung by the kids and the creepy female voice in the background, very atmospheric!

No more rainbow Jesus: The explanation with the thermocolor and the Jesus statue was actually pretty clever but I was let down. I wanted rainbow party Jesus to be legit, god damn it!

Monte village: I tried googling it but I don’t think it’s an actual place. It is probably inspired by other villages in Tuscany, but damn it looks so nice! I would love to go there, even with a serial killer clown on the loose!

Themes & Trivia

Haros: ‘Haros’ is the modern Greek equivalent of Charon. In Greek mythology, Charon (Χάρων) is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divide the world of the living from the world of the dead. Oh and btw, Hades is the actual God of the underworld, and the God of death is considered Thanatos. Get your facts straight, Vatican Miracle Examiner!

A coin to pay Charon for passage, usually an obolus or danake, was sometimes placed in or on the mouth of a dead person. Some authors say that those who could not pay the fee, or those whose bodies were left unburried, had to wander the shores for one hundred years.

Chilopoda & Oligochaeta: I wanted to write down some facts about those centipedes and worms but I got so disgusted in the process that I just couldn’t. I am sorry but no way.


I have to say I really enjoy this arc so far! It is interesting and intriguing! I would really like to see why Father Julia is behind all this. About the money syndicate, probably the church is forcing kids to make fake currency or something fucked up like that. I am still wondering though why each and every person that witnessed the miracle saw something different. Probably the sound of the horn is somehow connected to this, since it’s known that some frequencies, especially really low frequencies, make people hallucinate or perceive things in a weird way.

If this anime was under a complete different genre, it would definitely be a drama about two men of God struggling about their feelings for each other; oh yes, and about Hiraga being a fatso from eating all the food that Roberto is cooking for him.

Here in the forest, dark and deep, I offer you eternal sleep

Let’s see if everyone is going to get slaughtered in the forest (which I highly doubt) or if they will be able to get to the end of all this shit. I want to know about the damn horn as well! Until the next one guys! Cheers!

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