[:en]Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Movie Releases New Trailer


Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru compilation movie Makuai Kaisouroku (Interlude Reminiscences) opens in cinemas across Japan from Dec. 1.

With the release only a few weeks away, a 60 second trailer has just been released featuring many of the series’ iconic Touken Danshi. The trailer also introduces the movie’s main theme – “Hanamaru◎Biyori! 47-furi ver”. A cover of the original TV anime theme, “Hanamaru◎Biyori!”, “Hanamaru◎Biyori! 47-furi ver” is performed by all 47 voice actors who star in the show. The track will also be included on the Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru CD soundtrack, which is set for release on Dec. 6.

Customers purchasing tickets to see the movie will receive a special bonus gift of a postcard featuring a brand new illustration by character designer Taniguchi Junichiro. From Dec. 1 – 7, the bonus postcard will feature Kashuu Kiyomitsu, and Yamatonokami Yasusada from Dec. 8.

The second season of the Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru TV anime will air in January 2018. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Makuai Kaisouroku screens for a limited period of two weeks only from Dec. 1 at 21 cinemas across Japan.

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