Top 10 Anime to Set the Halloween Mood

With Halloween right around the corner, nothing sets the mood like sitting in on a weekend and binge-watching the scariest and creepiest anime titles you’d normally never watch because of the eerie feeling you are left with. This list of anime will definitely leave you in a spooky mood and ready for Halloween.


Warning: Some of these titles do feature violence and sensitive topics.


10. When They Cry (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei)

This series introduces the lives of a group of young students living in a small village where what once was a place of laughter and adventure becomes a place of bloodshed as the young protagonists find themselves in situations where they can no longer trust each other and begin to doubt everyone around them.

9. School Live!

All seems like fun and games in what appears to be an anime about cute young girls enjoying life with laughter and friendship, but all isn’t what it seems when it turns out that the eyes we are looking through may not actually be seeing what is the devastating truth lurking down the halls.


8. Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

With the power to see the future in the palm of your hands, nothing can possibly go wrong, right? Yukitero, a quiet but very observant student, has discovered that his diary of observance that he keeps on his cell phone, has just given him the ability to know the future as his phone has a new journal entry already written for him at the start of each day. This anime has its fair share of terror, and this show is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.


7. Monster

A young man with a bright future ahead of him: engaged to a beautiful woman, a doctor with a very good image, and a promotion practically set in stone, nothing could go wrong for him until he is faced with a decision. When a young boy is need of dire medical assistance at the same time the mayor needs it, he is faced with the ultimate decision that could ruin everything for him, but his morals tell him to choose the boy, but once everything is lost for the doctor, mysterious murders start occurring, making him wonder if it was wise to save the life of the young boy that seems to be connected to these deaths.


6. Soul Eater

Although this anime does have its moments of terror, this anime is especially fit to get you ready for Halloween as the atmosphere and characters of the entire show just scream Halloween. In a city riddled with soul-eating monsters, only the students of Death City’s Weapon Meister Academy can stop the dark creature lurking in the city.


5. Another

After the death of student, a school has been plagued with a dark presence that no one seems to acknowledge until transfer student Kouichi decides to befriend a female student, Mei, that is treated as though she doesn’t exist by both staff and students. To the dismay of his peers, he becomes closer to Mei and unknowingly moces even closer to the mysterious darkness shrouding the school and students.


4. Deadman Wonderland

In a society where criminals are put into a form of amusement for the attendees of an amusement park, life is put on the lines as criminals must fight to earn a piece of candy that keeps the poison in their bodies from killing them. Framed for the massacre of his entire class, Ganta is sent to the prison where he must fight for his life along with discovering that there was a reason he was the only survivor of his class’s massacre.


3. Tokyo Ghoul

In Tokyo where ghouls hide among the humans and feast on them, Ken Kaneki finds he has become another victim after his beautiful date attacks him, leaving him to die when an accident leaves her dead and allows medical personnel to make the split-second decision to use her as a donor for the dying Ken. Walking on the line between humanity and ghouls, Ken must learn to survive as a ghoul and still hold on to his humanity as he discovers that there is more to being a ghoul than preying on humans.


2. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Warning: This anime feature gore and extreme violence.

Based on the manga and video game, this anime is sure to leave you terrified as it tells the story of nine young students, friends that use a ritual as a symbol of their solid friendship. They get sucked into another school, what appears to be another world, in which dead people walk the halls, and they have become the next targets to the school’s horrible secret.


1. Parasyte

In the midst of a parasitic alien invasion, high school student, Shinichi, is targeted by one of the parasite but his quick thinking keep it from burrowing in his brain and leaves it to panic and settle for his hand. Now with a hand that has a mind of its own, Shinichi has become a part of both worlds as he begins to realize that his world has become threatened by this alien invasion.

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