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For manga fans of the early 2000s, Tokyopop was one of the largest and most important manga publishing companies.  Not only did they have amazing titles like Cardcaptor Sakura and Fruits Basket, they were also the first company to unilaterally publish all manga in their original right-to-left format. So, it was a sad day for us in May of 2011 when they stopped their North American publishing operations.

Sure, some of the series eventually got picked by other publishers like Yen Press and Dark Horse Comics, but their publishing revival back in 2016 was very happy news for me.  And now, they’ve taken it another step further with the announcement that they will once again be licensing Japanese titles.  Now, they’re not just jumping into the deep end of the pool without even knowing if they can swim.  No, they’re going with a slower start, which I think is pretty smart.  Among their 2018 release schedule, there are three Japanese manga: Konohana Kitan, Hanger, and Futaribeya.

Konohana Kitan is a supernatural, slice of life manga by Sakuya Amano first published in the magazine Comic Yuri Hime S and features a main cast of adorable fox-girls.  What?  Not enough to catch your attention?  Well, I guess I’ll also tell you that they all work at a hotspring hotel well the motto is that all guests are gods.  That’s right!  Shoujo-ai, adorable fox-girls in kimonos, and hot springs all rolled into one sure to please manga.

Hanger, a manga by Hirotaka Kisaragi, is (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!) a BL love story.  Hajime Tsukumo, a legitimate law enforcement officer, must team up with Zeroichi, a guy looking to reduce his own jail sentence.  Together, they will find and take down super-powered bad guys.  You can bet I’ll be looking forward to getting this seires.

And last, but certainly not least, is Futaribeya (Room for Two Persons) a manga by Yukiko.  It’s a cute, light-hearted comedy, 4-koma style manga about two girls in an all-girl’s school who must learn to live together, sharing not just a room but also a bed.  The story follows the straight-laced Sakurako and extremely laid-back Kasumi as they deal with daily school life, becoming friends along the way.

As for release dates and other information, it can be found here.

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