Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 7 Review: mind: Days of Recollections

This episode of Tokyo Ghoul:re felt like it was on fast forward. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate episodes that build up the tension for later, but honestly, it felt like they tried to include as much information as possible, which made the episode really hard to grasp.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 心覚え在りし日々 mind


Arima comes into the spotlight to arrest Hinami, but Sasaki, who apparently survived his battle with Takizawa, saves her from execution by taking her under his custody. After the operation, we learn that some ghouls tried to steal Quinx steel at the same time the auction was happening but CCG managed to capture them all. The members of the Quinx Squad along with many CCG members that were involved in the operation are being promoted. Next day, Sasaki invites Arima and Akira home in order to celebrate their promotions. On the same night, he receives a package with Kaneki’s old mask and a signed book of Sen Takatsuki. Sasaki then starts investigating more about Kaneki while he keeps having weird flashbacks, random memories and hallucinations coming to mind. In the end, we see Tsukiyama being in terrible pain desperately asking for more ‘food’.

Episode Highlights

The following speculation is probably a spoiler so highlight at your own risk:

SPOILER: Has Amon-kun become a ghoul?! I think that the most valuable information that we got in this episode is that Amon is alive and he is probably a ghoul. When Akira was analyzing the whole operation she mentions that some unknown figure attacked the Aogiri Tree members as they fled and that they all look like they have been cannibalized, where we see someone with a cape who definitely looks like Amon (How do I know that the guy is Amon? Just watch carefully the opening of the show). And then she even mentions that if Takizawa is alive then maybe Amon is as well. I think that the anime really gave this away, judging from the opening and the progression of the above scene and as someone who has not read the manga I felt that this ‘plot twist’ was so poorly executed.  SPOILER


Haise’s hair is becoming darker: If you noticed in this episode, Haise’s hair looks more and more like Kaneki’s. I think they try to symbolize that Haise and Kaneki are finding their balance as they both share the same body which definitely adds a nice touch to their character development.

Themes & Trivia

It has been mentioned before that the anime misses a lot of important details that exist in the manga. I am the kind of person that likes to do a lot of reading after having watched an episode that I feel like I don’t understand or when I feel that something is missing and won’t be further analyzed, so I will share some details of the manga that I think should have been included even briefly in this episode.

Haise & Arima: At the beginning of the episode when Haise gets up to speak to Arima, he is actually on his guard and is tightening the grip of his quinque when he looks at Haise. This shows that Arima doesn’t really trust or know if Haise has gone berserk or not after his fight with Takizawa. And when Arima turns away, there is an important scene of Kaneki making the ‘stay quiet’ sign to Haise implying that he has to hide from CCG the fact that he has awakened some new memories. I feel like this was actually quite important for the progression of the plot overall in this episode as it would have made so much more sense to show something like that and then have all the flashbacks, hallucinations and inner conversations with Kaneki.

Goumasa Tokage: Why would they introduce this character if they didn’t want to go through the trouble of explaining who he is and what’s his deal? I highly doubt that this kind of information will be given to us in the future episodes so there you go: Haise is reminded of Jason when he sees him because Tokage used to be an interrogator at Cochlea and was the person who tortured Jason. The school where he works as a teacher now is where all the ‘problem kids’ that the CCG has taken in are sent, including orphans and criminals. That’s why Mutsuki and Juuzou are mentioned in that scene. Was that so hard to mention?


So Haise is just chilling in the café enjoying his Touka-made coffee and he doesn’t even see Uta there? And I am talking only about Uta because that guy has ghoul eyes 24/7 and walks around town like there is no problem. Seriously, that scene made me laugh so much. Is Haise so focused on finding out information about Kaneki or is he just blinded by Touka’s beauty that he just doesn’t see the ghouls that are around him?

It’s those who have tamed their weaknesses that win in battle

Damn it, honestly Tokyo Ghoul:re seems to have such an interesting plot and I feel so bumped that I miss out on what is happening just because the anime adaptation doesn’t seem to be on the same level with the manga. Although, I am quite happy to see that they tried to be loyal to the original plot, it is sad to see that because of budget issues the anime fails to be as good. That’s it, I think it’s finally time to start reading the manga.

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