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Saiko: That little girl will definitely have a big fandom. She likes to stay inside the house and play video games, she likes to eat ham all by herself, plus she is chibi with huge boobs. Yup, definitely ‘best girl’ material, as they say.

Sasaki and Touka: That was probably the best scene in the whole episode, seeing sexy Renji as soon as he goes in and then the beautiful Touka. The moment when they meet eyes, and even though they understand who each other is, they say nothing, with Touka only smiling and Kaneki crying. Just lovely.

Themes & Trivia

Ghoul eye: When Sasaki saw Touka in the coffee shop, he shed a tear from his ghoul’s eye and not from his human eye, so it is safe to assume that the one who was crying was Kaneki and not Sasaki who doesn’t remember a thing about her but feels reminiscent of the whole atmosphere.

‘I’ll die, I’ll die, was it?’: That was such a great reference from the first season. When Sasaki is fighting Orochi and his mask drops making Kaneki realize that he is Nishio, he says the following: ‘I’ll die, I’ll die, was it?’ If you remember, in the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, when Kaneki was fighting Nishio and he went all crazy, Nishio yelled at him: ‘I am dying, I am dying, I am dying!’ countless of times. This is what Orochi is referencing in that scene.


So uhmUrie is clearly bipolar or does he just have a great poker face? With those grumpy cat eyes, he is not very easy to read anyways. He will definitely stir up some trouble in the near future with his personality and the way he does things. And now Ayato goes by the name of Rabbit? And Touka just works in the coffee shop? It’s kind of hard to believe that but surely we will be enlightened about their situation soon enough.

A couple of things about Sasaki aka Kaneki. First of all, his design is much more thorough and polished than any other character in the show, except maybe Touka, but seriously if you take him and compare him to Ginshi, for example, the difference in the details is quite apparent. The situation that he is in is very sad, even Akira said it. If he realizes that he is being tricked by the CCG and is basically manipulated, he is sure to go insane and on a rampage with no turning back. Despite all that, I think Sasaki should stay away from girls in coffee shops. Last time he met one there, things didn’t turn out pretty well.

You are irredeemable.

That was a nice quote from Nishio. Really enjoyed this episode. The quality finally matches up with my expectations and I really hope that this will be consistent throughout the whole season. Even though I am sure that some things will be rushed and bits and parts will be missed nevertheless this looks promising so far.

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