Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 12 (Final) Review: Beautiful Dream: Daybreak

What a finale for Tokyo Ghoul:re. Even though they seemed to get all the plot essentials right, the episode (and the series in general) still didn’t managed to convey Ishida’s amazing weight, tone and art, which is rather disappointing.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 夜明け Beautiful Dream


Eto arrives in the hideout where the battle between Haise, Kanae and Tsukiyama continues. As she reveals her identity to him as Sen Takatsuki, Kanae starts to attack him, brutally hitting his head. Inside his head, Haise tries to strangle the kid version of Kaneki and he remembers a memory of his mother abusing him that makes him realize that Haise is indeed Kaneki. After his awakening, he regains consciousness and takes over Haise’s body. He knocks out Kanae and Tsukiyama and starts fighting with Eto. Meanwhile, Kori Ui finds Furuta crying, claiming that he is the sole survivor. Shirazu and the rest are still fighting Noro, who is revealed to be Eto’s guardian, and Urie with the help of Shirazu manage to finish him off but Shirazu is fatally wounded and fails to regenerate his injuries. Kaneki is fighting with Eto on the rooftop and he literally rips her apart. As she is falling down the roof she declares that she is in love with him. Kori Ui comes to the scene where he sees Kaneki devouring Eto’s kakuja. Kaneki pretends to be Sasaki and he throws Tsukiyama off the roof while Kanae aka Karren falls along with him and manages to save him but she falls to her death. Kaneki meets the rest of the Quinx squad and Urie blames him for Shirazu’s death but he coldly replies that he is not to blame but Urie’s weakness. In the ending scene, we see Tsukiyama being saved by Touka, Yomo and Chie and Naki stealing Shirazu’s corpse.

Episode Highlights

Kaneki is back: The awakening scene was bloody amazing. Even though I would like it to have been a little more climactic I really enjoyed the badass version of Kaneki coming out. He is back and he seems to be more emotionless than ever before, which makes him rather creepy. I also loved the change in his voice as soon as he realized that he is no longer Haise.

Shirazu is dead: Oh my. I saw it coming a little bit, because usually characters that have little sisters dying must ALWAYS DIE. He was such a cool and kind guy, trying to be a good role model for the rest of the team and he really cherished the squad. He will surely be missed. Although, after watching the last few seconds of the episode, I think that he might come back as another of Eto’s freaks or something. I am scared.

Tsukiyama was saved: Not only Shuu, but even his dada managed to escape the CCG, thanks to Touka, Yomo and Chie’s help. We will definitely get so see more of them in the next season and oh bou things will start getting really serious.  

Themes & Trivia

Some more details on the ending scene:

Shuu’s dad was being transported in a CCG prison car when he heard a helicopter exploding. He was worried that Shuu might be in danger and in the manga it’s implied that he single-highhandedly destroyed and broke out of the containment car. He then ran into Touka and others in the van. Chie is with Touka and Yomo, because she ran to cafe RE: after she found out what happened to the Tsukiyamas.

After Shuu got on the van, he explained to everyone what have happened. Touka and others though Tsukiyama jumped off the building, but he explained that Kaneki actually threw him off with Karren sacrificing herself to save him. And then Chie told him: “If Kaneki really wanted to kill you, he would have done it already”. Which makes us think that Kaneki did it intentionally probably in order to save him.


Okay, I am going to rant really hard now. The opening scene with the helicopter was ridiculous. It’s like Eto was a missile or something and destroyed the helicopter on her way to the roof withut even touching it and the guy just jumped off it like it was no big deal. Awful animated sequence. Just awful. And then the scene where Kaneki is awakening and he is lying down on a field of flowers, his hands are so short and terribly drawn it is actually hilarious to see. Then we have Kaneki fighting Eto where everything is happening so fast that you miss really important details that will affect the plot later on. And what is the deal with the constant repetition of words in order to add some feeling and insanity to the characters? Die, die, die or more, more, more. Come on, you can do better than that.

Last thing. Every time I see the checkered floor in Kaneki’s head I get afraid of what is about to follow.

I’ve had enough dreaming.

There was no Unravel in the awakening scene which bumped me a little bit but overall I think we got a lot of information to think and process until the next season arrives. In the meantime, I think every fan of Tokyo Ghoul should start reading the manga, because honestly you are missing out a lot.

The next season has already been confirmed to be aired from October 2018. You can read more about it here.

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