Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 10 Review: think: Sway

Quite a fast-paced episode of Tokyo Ghoul:re this week. It felt like a roller-coaster of feelings and finally, after this one, we understood that the events happening in this season are completely neglecting the things that happened in Root A.

Japanese Original Episode Title: ゆれる think


Kanae is heavily wounded after his fight with Urie as he comes face to face with Eto, where she toys with his feelings over Tsukiyama and then attacks him and captures him. In CCG headquarters in a meeting about the Rose mission Sasaki asks Ui to reconsider his plan about the ghoul impersonation and Ui agrees to go on with it. The Quinx squad goes on a patrol as ghouls the same night and Sasaki is recognized as the Eyepatch ghoul because of his mask which triggers him to investigate more about him. He ends up finding out that Ken Kaneki is the Eyepatch ghoul and that he is the one that killed Amon. He then meets up with Tsukiyama asking him more about Kaneki but Shuu refuses to tell him. Meanwhile, CCG decides to invade and kill the Tsukiyama household. Tsukiyama’s father drags Shuu and makes Matsumao take him away in order to escape. As CCG arrives in front of the mansion, his father allows himself to get arrested, but unfortunately, CCG has already found out the whereabouts of Shuu and are ready to attack. In the end, we see Kanae being tortured by Eto.

Episode Highlights

Eto and Kanae: Okay, honestly, what the hell was that? I was so creeped out with Eto at the beginning and everything but when the episode reached its end I was like: GOOD LORD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO KANAE? I am really interested to learn more about Eto and her motives behind manipulating everyone. She probably likes to move things her way in the same way she is writing her novels.

Haise finally lost it: He started to investigate more about Kaneki, and when he realized who Kaneki is and what he has done, he lost it. He started crying and questioning more than ever who he actually is and what is more fascinating than anything else, is that now he probably knows that the CCG is hiding important information from him. Oh boy, things are getting serious.

Mirumo Tsukiyama: I really felt bad for the Tsukiyama since the beginning of this season but now I feel bad about the whole family. His dad is so badass and deserves so much respect for doing all that and trying to let his legacy carry on. I honestly didn’t want CCG to capture him and even more, find where Shuu is but they did, so… bummer.

Themes & Trivia

Eto’s kagune: Something important that was missed in this episode was that Eto’s kagune was shown to be capable of speaking. That’s why Kanae was so shocked and couldn’t believe that such a kagune could exist. In the manga, it is also mentioned that the shape of a kagune is dependent on the imagination of the user. And if we take Eto as an amazing author with incredible imagination, it is reasonable to understand why she is so powerful compared to the rest of the ghouls.

What is wrong with Shirazu’s sister? They didn’t really elaborate on the matter but his sister suffers from something called RC Cells Over-secretion (ROs). A rare condition that causes normal humans to secret RC Cells from their body. They cannot control the secretion and therefore requires constant administration of RC suppressants to prevent deterioration and that is the reason why Shirazu is obsessed with the idea of making more money.


Eto and the apple really reminded me of Death Note with all these temptations, forbidden fruit, and deception symbolisms. I have to say that Shirazu’s new haircut suits him so much better than the previous one. He looks way more serious and badass now, well done. Also, did Investigator Shiki cut Aliza’s head with a chaining saw? What the hell is wrong with that sadistic creepy guy? He is even worse than Jason…

I laughed so much when Investigator Ui was thinking in his head about the other guy and said: ‘Hyena yaro!’ I am going to start using this insult myself. Last thing, did Matsumao said ‘Fanculo’ (which means ‘fuck you’ in Italian) in the preview of the next episode? What is the deal with the Tsukiyama guys and foreign languages, is this a thing?

The thing we are taking is lives.

Tension is starting to build up so much that I honestly can’t wait to see what will happen next week. Eto’s power look so god damn creepy and Kaneki is starting to show up even more in Haise’s personality which is very intriguing to watch.

NEXT TIME: Write: Failure (欠落者 writE)

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