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So let me paint a visual picture for you. Just to kind of illustrate something that I’m sure we all felt before. Good? Good.

So imagine yourself on a train rolling through the countryside. The people around you are talking and partaking in pleasantries, but you decide to just sit there, drinking tea and watching the countryside roll by. As the train proceeds to travel over a canyon, something happens. The train is suddenly launched off the tracks and heading toward the canyon wall. The train collides with the wall of the canyon but instead of exploding, it starts rolling alongside the canyon wall. The impact of the train causes boulders (that look similar to the one from Indiana Jones movie) to come free and start rolling down the canyon wall behind the train. It’s exciting and chaotic, but you just sit there drinking your tea and watching the countryside roll by.

As you reach the canyon floor, another explosion causes the train to launch alongside the floor and start speeding away. The boulders continue to follow the train for the explosion was caused by a herd of elephants that were charging through the very walls of the canyon and have now taken to charging down the canyon behind the boulders and the speeding train. It seems that the canyon floor leads out into the ocean from which a giant leviathan rises from the water. The train starts speeding along its body while being followed by the boulders and the elephants that charged through the canyon wall. The leviathan lurches its body from all the sudden movement on its scales. This sends the speeding train, the boulders (that look similar to the one from that one Indiana Jones movie) and the herd of charging elephants flying through the air. The train falls apart from the flight. It’s exciting and chaotic, but you just sit there. Drinking your tea. Watching the countryside roll by.

  • 12 Episodes

  • Aired from Apr 3rd, 2010 – Jun 19th, 2010

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy, School, Harem

  • Studio: Artland

It is said that there once was a powerful Demon King who waged war on God. He possessed vast magical abilities and it took the combined efforts of the most powerful mages to bring him down. After hundreds of years, our protagonist, Akuto Sai, is fated to be the next Demon King… Well that has to suck for him. This poor bastard actually wants to become the next high priest because he wants to change the whole world for the better. Now nearly everyone at his school fears him and takes everything he does as him becoming more like the next demon king. On top of that, the people who do hang around him do so for their own goals. He is the most powerful being around after all. Best have him on your side.

Story: 7

Excuse me while I finish my tea real quick…

Okay, so let’s answer the first question you may have. What was with that opening introduction? Yeah, believe me when I say that was a very clever way of foreshadowing my thoughts and experiences with this show. A more simplified version would be that this story is crazy and sporadic. You could be sitting down, following the plot and then suddenly a crazy thing happens and it takes you off guard but you enjoy it. Then another crazy thing happens and then another and you find yourself sitting there in the midst of all the chaos just trying to catch up with what has happened. It’s like trying to keep an eye on 30 kids in a Chuck E Cheese after they all drank a pitcher of extra sugary Koolaid.

You might think, “Oh, well they would do that throughout the show for the comedy but they had to wrap up the story cohesive in the end.” To which I say oh you sweet, naive, summer child. No, even the ending gets incomprehensible. I won’t go into full detail, but you have about six different betrayals, a giant war aircraft, Master Roshi making a surprise appearance, and a pop idol joining the fight with a television news crew. Excuse me if I feel a little lost in all of this.

But through all of the chaos, how else was the story? Well going back to the intro, it was exciting and chaotic and I continued to watch the country side roll by. The plot may have been everywhere but I went along with it in glee. And not the like the television show, dear god no. But with the kind of glee that roller coaster junkies have. They want to hop on the next ride to achieve that adrenaline high. So even with every little cluster fuck, there will be me ready to hop on the next ride.

Art and Sound: 6 and 6

The show looked fine. It did give me a bit of a dated vibe and I mainly attribute that to the opening sequence. Oh yea, if you thought you would get any cohesiveness out of this show, think again. For one, the visual spectacle that is this opening is completely different from the rest of the show. Kind of like how Death Parade’s vibe was completely different from the show but I still strapped you down to a chair because you wouldn’t dance to the music. Here the visuals contrast the vibe of the story a bit. While the story centers around a post modern, mechanical, religious community, the opening feels like Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2 with a dash of Chemical Plant Zone from the same game. I watch this and wonder why. Like, Imagine if you took the first opening of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, but instead of doing it in the countryside or the capital you instead did it in Las Vegas with the characters wearing moire style trench coats. It would seem a bit weird, right?

The music accompanying the opening is also pretty cool. Going back the whole Sonic connection, I kind of get some Sonic Boom vibes. Not the new but the old one with its funky song. It’s definitely something I am going to have to pick up at some point and add to the ever-growing playlist. Speaking of music, I didn’t really hear anything memorable while watching the show. Sure there was the guitar rifts for when things heated up for Akuto, but beyond that I don’t remember any of them.

Also, when it comes to voice acting, I am starting to hear the same six people; at least in the last six shows I’ve watched. I think people are starting to sound the same. Either that or the same voice actors are voicing roles in every anime. The person who stands out the most as of late is Todd Haberkorn. I know his voice best from Fairy Tail when he voiced Natsu Dragneel. But Todd, naturally, does other roles and so now I hear Natsu in all these other shows. This had nothing to do with this review, I just needed to get that off my chest.

Characters: 6

“Geez man, one 7 and three 6’s. You must not of like this show as much as you are describing it.” Don’t mistake me here, a six or seven is still good in my eyes. But these characters are still a bit one-sided. Not completely but the Tsundere is still easily embarrassed and quick to anger. It’s weird how the simple tropes can still come together to create a madman story like this. I put the harem part in the genres selection in reluctantly because I think it’s only because there is a bunch of girls around. But to be honest I only think three of them have any feelings for the guy and the rest just merely want to keep him close or on their side. Speaking of Akuto, he also follows the way of the harem by being bland and dense but still the kindhearted guy to everyone. Again, the tropes are here and used in ways we have all seen before, but characters are as far into harem as it goes. There is never a point where the story follows a harem-ish plot, or at least ones made in that manner.

I will say I feel kinda bad for the main villain here, he has it pretty rough. Basically, and this is in the loosest of terms, he loses his girl to another guy, becomes a time traveler only to see her fall for the same guy in later incarnations. A fate worse than death it would seem.

Overall: 6 out of 10

Like a stated a bit ago, it may be a six but that still means it’s good in my eyes. It’s also a mess to follow. But it’s a mess that I am willing follow because I know it’s a fun ride. I won’t say that this show needs a sequel; or pretend to know if there is enough manga reference material to make a sequel. It’s a fun little ball of madness that I suggest giving a try. You may find that it’s worth the price admission.

Well, now that was quite the ride,eh? Definely was a lot of fun with that beginning part. If liked what you read and want more of my brand of comedic ramblings, then check out my World Break Review. It’s the one that started it all for me. But if you prefer a more straight forward, no nonsense review then check out my buddy Aretheus’ review of Three Days of Happiness. Don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel where we provide anime based content as well. Subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you know when we provide new content as well. Thanks again and I’ll see you next time.

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