The Ancient Magus Bride to Air September, New PV Released

The Ancient Magus Bride

  • Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance
  • Airing Date: September 10 2016
  • Studios: Wit Studio

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The Ancient Magus Bride to Air September, New PV Released


A prequel to the original manga.

Chitose Hatori is fifteen years old. She has nothing – no relatives, hopes, or means of surviving.

One day she is purchased by a sorcerer – man who is not human, who lives side by side with eternity. When he invites her to be his apprentice and wife, the needles of time which had stopped within her slowly start to move once again…

Characters & Voice Actors List

 Chise Hatori Chise Hatori

Voice Actor: Atsumi Tanezaki

A fifteen-year-old girl who is bought by Elias for her innate power.

 Elias Ainsworth Elias Ainsworth

Voice Actor: Ryouta Takeuchi

A non-human sorceror who bought Chise for £5,000,000. An elusive English gentleman.

 Ruth Ruth

Voice Actor: Kouki Uchiyama

A grave guard dog who helped Chise when she was being chased by monsters in the church’s graveyard.

 Silky Silky

Voice Actor: Aya Endou

A housework fairy that is living at Elias’ mansion. She manages everything in the household, from cooking and cleaning to laundry.

 Angelica Burley Angelica Burley

Voice Actor: Yuuko Kaida

A magical machinery engineer. An old acquaintance of Elias, she makes tools to reign in Chise’s power.

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