The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 7 Review: Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear.

Pilum Murialis: Oh my goodness!! Not only did we finally see Elias mad, but he raged so much that he showed his true form! Alice was right, Renfred’s belief that Elias will never be human was not unfounded! His usual appearance is truly just a shell hiding his monstrous form! I know we should be relieved that he indeed cares enough for Chise to get that furious, but I can’t help but worry about what he’s gonna do and the chaos he might drag Alice and Ulysse into!

Themes & Trivia

Talk of the devil and he’s sure to appear: This idiom refers to when the topic of a conversation unexpectedly appears. However, it was originally a superstitious proverb from the Middle Ages. It warned people not to talk about the devil because it might provoke him to appear, with dire consequences. Well, I guess Joshua is a devil then.

Church grim: The black dogs mentioned in this episode are probably referenced from animal spirits that guarded a church and its cemetery. It was believed in some parts of Europe that burying a black dog alive in a new churchyard would save the first human who’d be buried there from the duty of guarding it from the devil, thereby haunting the place forever. The black dogs could also be a reference to the black dogs symbolic in literature, but a church grim seem to be more accurate.

Chimera: This creature first appeared in Greek mythology, and it was a hybrid of a lion, a goat, and a dragon. Now it refers to any being that is a mix of two or more animals, or even humans. I know of another story where a chimera was created using a dog and his owner, a little girl (this is a major spoiler so I will not say the name of the story). They were both quite close, like Ulysse was with Isabelle…oops, sensitive topic?


This episode was amazing! I liked it a whole lot! The visuals were still so eye-candy as always, and I couldn’t be happier! I was also quite satisfied with the pace and the writing; though it started off pretty peaceful and calm, it went nuts at the end! We got a lot of new, juicy info but it still managed to keep us in the dark as more important questions popped out. And of course, nothing says intriguing than a cliffhanger ending, and a dire one at that! Everything was A++ in my opinion!

Getting caught up in a child’s play

Chise’s definitely going to be okay, given that she’s the protagonist and she appeared to be conscious in the preview. But what about Elias and the others? What’s going to happen? Ah, the suspense!

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NEXT TIME: Let sleeping dogs lie.

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