The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 6 Review: The Faerie Queene

A rift?: They’ve put in an amount of importance to Spriggan’s qualms about humans or beings with shells of flesh that you’d think it’s not something to ignore! Especially since his explanation on a previous incident where lots of spirits and humans lost their lives was very intriguing. Is it possibly connected to sorcerers again? Or just humans in general?

Elias and Chise: I’m so glad that we’ve got developments on their relationship at last! Though he kept secrets from her, Chise still decided to stay by Elias’ side until the day she dies, which was basically like a proposal! Most would probably think that this is only because he bought her and she has nowhere else to go, but you’d usually still hope to be set free someday from people you don’t like, right? And, oh my goodness, that part when they both blushed!! It was evident in Chise’s face, but Elias’ actions and what he said he felt in his gut gave it away! They were so cute and precious, like young lovers! Here’s to hoping that Elias’ experiment to keep Chise alive will succeed magnificently, so they can indeed be together.

Themes & Trivia

The Faerie Queene: Well, what do you know, the title this time is not a quote! However, it’s still related to literature. Titania and Oberon are characters from a Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where they really are the queen and king of the fairies. In traditional folklore, though, only Oberon’s name as the fairy king is consistent, while the fairy queen doesn’t have one.

Four fingers: I thought it was a mistake at first, but did anyone notice that all the fairies, Titania, Oberon, Spriggan, and even Ariel have four fingers? I tried checking if it’s based on actual stories, but I couldn’t find anything about it, so maybe it’s just a character design thing. Let me know if you have good info about it, though!


I am seriously appreciating this show’s aesthetics by the episode! The scenery where Elias walks on the water while carrying Chise was so romantic and dream-like! The place where Chise was recuperating, as well as her outfit, made her seem like a maiden out of a fairy tale, more so when Oberon woke her up with his powers. It was incredibly beautiful! And of course, Titania’s entrance, accompanied by one of my favorite musical genres. I loved it so much!

Together forever

Now that the couple’s relationship has strengthened, they can face problems head on even better! But, it looks like their next task is dangerous because of the sorcerer Joseph’s presence! And who was that black-haired guy standing in front of a grave?

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NEXT: Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear.

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