[:en]The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 5 Review: Love conquers all.


The Ancient Magus’ Bride ended with a cliffhanger last week, and it wasn’t on a really good note. In this episode, we found out what Chise decided on regarding Elias, the sorcerers, and the corruption she has to expel! It was another beautiful episode, visually and story-wise.


Even after hearing that Elias has been keeping secrets from her, Chise decided to stay with him because he is the only person who puts value on her. Hence, she continued on with the task at hand that had been interrupted by the sorcerers: removing the rot threatening the kingdom of the cats. However, the core of it, Mina, first showed her the truth of what happened to her and her husband, which greatly affected Chise’s course of action.

Episode Highlights

Trust: It’s amazing how attached Chise got to Elias! Normally, one would feel betrayed if a friend kept a really important secret from them, especially if it’s about their death! However, going by the girl’s response, she faced much worse treatment before and she views Elias as a breath of fresh air. Even if he lied about saying she’s family, he still said it, and that spoke volumes to her. I am hoping that after this debacle, he will no longer keep things from her, especially the truth about being a Sleigh Beggy. It’s about Chise, after all, so she should know the truth of her condition!

A trip to the past: Looks like expelling a corruption isn’t as simple as chanting a few words and presto voila, it’s gone! More so when it’s sentient! I thought that what we knew of Mina and Matthew’s story last week was already enough, but it turns out that there was more to it! And I’m grateful, because Matthew actually didn’t get the idea of killing cats on his own, nor did it come from Mina! They were both just victims of a sorcerer’s selfish experiment! Taking advantage of Matthew’s intense love for Mina to fulfill his plan, treating Mina as a lab rat, and then just casually brushing off the tragic failure like it was nothing, how inhumane can someone get! That sorcerer proved that most of his kind, if not all of them, are truly sketchy! Maybe that incident is why the cats don’t want sorcerers in their territory, huh? They also had to suffer, losing their fellow cats!

Send-off: Even after the two lovers died, they still had to suffer by being the corruption, so much that Mina just wished for them to be erased! I was so worried because, like Chise, I didn’t want that for the couple, especially since none of it was truly their fault. The second option wasn’t great either! I didn’t want Molly, that incredibly beautiful cat, to die and make her owner sad! But, it was so conflicting because her suggestion was much better than the first! That’s why it’s such a terrific thing that Chise came up with another way that could make everybody happy! Something as simple as dandelions floating away to become flowers again, it was really clever! She and the Ariel even conjured a beautiful place for Matthew and Mina to pass on peacefully! It reminded me of the scene when Nevin passed on as well. For someone who only thought of death as a grave thing, Chise managed to see to some really beautiful ones. But, what about her and her eventual demise?

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