The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 3 Review: The Balance Distinguishes Not Between Gold and Lead.

Not a lot of stories have the guts to tackle deep and meaningful themes of life, especially when they are only in their early stages. But The Ancient Magus’ Bride did just that this week, and it was beautiful! It challenged me to reflect on the things it discussed, and left me feeling bittersweet at the end, just like how life does.


The two just got to their first errand’s location, and Chise already got kidnapped! However, it was actually Elias’ fellow mage who took her to the last land of the dragons, where they were both heading to in the first place. Being the apprentice of a mage, especially when you’re a human, sure seems fun, since her second magical field trip proved quite amazing. The scenery was so grand, she got to play with young dragons, and have a philosophical chat with an old one.

Episode Highlights

In the land of dragons: Whew! I thought Chise was already caught up in someone’s grudge against Elias, but turns out Lindel was just another acquaintance! What a way to introduce yourself and take care of your guests, though. I really thought she got kidnapped! Good thing Elias showed up quickly and managed to snap her out of her trance while she was deep in the water, as well as got her dried off before she caught a cold. In any case, I found it sad that the dragons were also going extinct like the mages. Probably, one reason for it is the scarcity of food, since some dragons were travelling more just to find some. I also wonder if some of them were getting hunted and that’s why they lived in that isolated place and needed someone to take care of them. I hope not!

Elias and Lindel: So it is true that Elias is centuries old! What’s more surprising, though, is that Lindel’s older than him! And from how he kept addressing Elias as a brat, looks like he’s way older! Are mages commonly blessed with longer lives? Or is it just because the two of them aren’t human? It also seems that the church has been keeping tabs on everything magical, not just Elias, since Lindel understood the mission his friend was given. I hope we see more of the guy in other episodes, because he looks really interesting!

Chise and Nevin: I loved their conversation, even though it tackled some really depressing themes. Nevin’s right, humans really do fear death. But I’m glad he managed to give Chise a different perspective on it, especially since her mother didn’t die peacefully. Not so sure if Chise took it to heart, though, but at least it’s out there. Well, even if she didn’t, at least the old dragon showed her an amazing sight. I totally appreciated the connection of the two of them flying and their talk about death, more so that Chise’s mother jumped off a window and Chise herself attempted to jump off the roof. It just makes me sad that, at the end of it all, despite Nevin’s concern for her and his effort to let her experience flying, she still told herself that he was just a passing stranger who was kind to her. Whether it was to help her cope with his death or not, it’s clear that our little mage still has a long way to go before she can accept kindness for what it is. With everything she experienced in the past, it’s not a surprise.

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