The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 2 Review: One Today is Worth Two Tomorrows

We got to know a bit more about the world of The Ancient Magus’ Bride in this week’s episode, as well as more about Chise’s past. It was so interesting to see what our heroine can do as a mage! I feel like it’ll just get exciting from here on out!


Chise has somehow settled in her new home with her new master and, apparently, future husband, so Elias decided to introduce her to his acquaintances. One of them was Angie, a fellow mage who invents things that run on magic. There, Chise got to use magic for the first time and learn more about it, which honestly Elias should’ve taught her firsthand. Another acquaintance was a priest named Simon, who somehow doesn’t get along with Elias, but also does get along? It’s complicated. He asked the two to run errands for the church, where something unexpected happened.

Episode Highlights

Chise’s past: Oh my good grief, no wonder Chise seemed really scarred by her past. Not only was she unwanted by her relatives, she even witnessed her mother die! It seemed like a suicide no less! Adding more to that injury, her mother probably didn’t want her. Could that have been the reason for ending her life? That’s harsh. I liked what Elias said, however, that no matter what she experienced in the past, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s here now. Of course, moving on won’t be easy to do, that’s why I’m super-duper glad that there’s at least someone who wants Chise. Silky seemed to like her too, and even that fat salamander faerie thing that even followed her home!

Things about Elias: So, the bony mage has a human face! He looked good; it somewhat made him an even better match for Chise. However, it was only a disguise and not really his true form, which is also good, as seeing him that way did feel weird. Probably because I already got used to associating his voice with a skull head. Now, if his actual form is really that bony face, just what is he really aside from being a mage? His conversation with Simon hinted that he’s decades old, even centuries, maybe? Woah! This is why getting to know more about him is actually one of the things I’m looking forward to discovering in this show. Though, I feel like the more we know him, the more questions will arise.

Meeting new people: The two people Chise got to meet looked like really nice people! Angie was especially so, since they just met and yet she was already teaching the girl all kinds of things. I do hope it’s genuine and not just because she’s Elias’ apprentice. Though, given her interactions with the scary looking mage, she doesn’t seem to be the type to fake it and hold her punches! It’s probably safe to say that they’re really good friends. She’s pretty cool, and would really be another good teacher to Chise. Meanwhile, the priest, Simon, was quite pleasant. His relationship with Elias was pretty amusing, but I thought that they both respect each other, despite Elias and Silky’s hostility towards him. Plus, even though the church was wary of the mage, Simon still asked for his help with errands and medicine, so it doesn’t really seem like an entirely unpleasant friendship, right?

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