The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 10 Review: We live and learn.

We’ve got another lovely episode of The Ancient Magus’ Bride this week! I’m actually glad that we’re getting more crucial information lately, even if previously, we saw that Chise was hesitant to ask Elias things about himself and the magic world in general! Good thing she’s surrounded by people who want to help her out without her needing to ask!


For those of you who remembered and guessed that Lindel’s summons was about Chise’s wand, you’re correct! However, as he wanted her to come without Elias, it seemed like there was more to it than that! Maybe it really was just about her wand though. Maybe she really had to go at it alone with Ruth. But maybe Lindel also had some stories to tell, like how Echoes and Thorn first met, perhaps?

Episode Highlights

Invitation and parting: Come to think of it, this is the first time Elias and Chise have ever been apart of their own accord. And it’s right after the scare with Elias, too. No wonder they’re both worried and lonely! But, it’ll be a good experience as a mage for Chise. Like Angelica said previously, she needs to learn how to be independent from Elias, so taking this first step is crucial! She’ll be with Ruth, Lindel and the other dragons anyway, so there’s no worries about her safety. Speaking of which, I was as surprised as she was when we found out the dragon who came to fetch her was that small gwee from before! Dragons are amazing! She also met another familiar like Ruth and Hugo, and what a cute and energetic one she is! I thought Lindel only had the dragons because we didn’t see her before, but familiars might be that much of a necessity for mages, huh?

With ‘Grandpa’: This episode greatly changed my view of Lindel! The third one made it seem like he’s all about business, with only a bit of silliness at the side. But now it’s relieving to know that there’s another human and fellow mage who cares a lot for Chise! He even considered her as his granddaughter! Just seeing all their interactions, Lindel sweetly patting her on the head, healing her wounds and telling her a ‘bedtime story’ really reminded me of a grandfather’s care! And like Angelica, he noticed the girl’s unhealthy reliance on Elias; even if they haven’t properly spent time together, he already knew about it enough to separate them for a while! How sharp! It’s also a relief that Chise seems to trust him enough to have shared why that is. With what she disclosed, finding people she can trust, who show her they’re concerned about her is especially important. I just wish he looked out for her better when she was going to cut a branch for her wand, though! Or maybe it’s because Ruth was there that he knew she’d be fine. He’s quite overprotective of her, and it actually really amuses me!

Elias and Lindel: Not only did Lindel reveal important information about mages, but we also finally find out just why he often treats Elias like a child, and even considers him his son! Lindel was the first person the Thorn Mage ever met, as far as the latter remembers at least. Did he come into existence just a short while before that? Or has he existed way longer and just lost his memories for some reason? What exactly was that ‘red’ he last remembered? There sure are still a lot of questions. However, at least Elias’ personality somehow hasn’t changed since then – he is still clueless about many things, and yet he thought he could handle everything by himself. Plus, he still has an old friend looking out for him, and they interact almost the same way What became of Lindel’s master, Rahab, though? Is she still around, I wonder? She seemed like a really nice and knowledgeable person, albeit quite mysterious, but I hope Chise meets her some time if that’s the case! 

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