The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 1 Review: April Showers Bring May Flowers.

An apprentice and…a wife? All throughout the episode I was wondering why the title is The Ancient Magus Bride when Elias only told Chise she’d be his apprentice. Would her being his bride be something reserved for later in the show? And then there was the ending: Elias called Chise his future wife. Was it the reason why he acted so overfamiliar with her, holding her, carrying her (and even undressing her)? Makes you ask why and when he decided he wanted to marry her, huh?

Themes & Trivia

Manga Adaptation: The Ancient Magus Bride is written and illustrated by Yamazaki Kore. It’s currently being published in Monthly Comic Garden, and has 40 chapters so far. It also got a three-part OVA entitled The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star, which was a prequel to the story.

Slay Vega/Sleigh Beggy: Yes, it is a bit confusing since the characters pronounce it like Slay Vega, when it’s actually written as Sleigh Beggy (according to the localized manga by Seven Seas). If you try to search what the latter means, it does make a bit of sense. In Irish folklore, a Sleigh Beggy, or ‘small folk’ is a kind of fairy found in the Isle of Man. If the author had this in mind, then are the likes of Chise not actually human?

Faeries: Most of the things we know about fairies/faeries are good things: the Tooth Fairy exchanges your loose tooth for money, princesses have fairy godmothers, and they’re cute or pretty and spread fairy dust around. However, in other folklore like the Gaelic one, fairies are very mischievous. They kidnap human babies and replace them with a fairy baby, then called a changeling, or even kidnap people in general and make it seem like they died.


The anime is off to a great start! It managed to pique my interest from the get-go. Just the fact that Elias seems mysterious and the reasons behind why he chose Chise to be his apprentice are things already worth keeping an eye out for. On a personal note, I’m also a sucker for stories where characters find a place they can belong to.

The aesthetics are pretty eye-catching too! The character designs and the background art were wonderful. The animation was also amazing, though there were times it felt a bit rough around the edges, so I hope the quality will be consistently good or even better! But overall, I think this will be such a beautiful show! I can feel it!

Suddenly engaged?

Now that Elias has revealed his intention of marrying Chise in the future, what does this mean for them? And what other wonders will Chise experience and learn next? I can’t wait for the next episode!

Till then, let me know what you thought of this first chapter of the story! Did you find it amazing or lackluster? Let us know in the comments section! We’re also starting on our other Fall 2017 reviews, so check them out!

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