The 15 Most Perverted Female Anime Characters

Ah, lewdness. With all this gender equality going around these days, female characters in anime are finally becoming empowered. The most empowering thing for a female character, though? Acknowledge that girls can be just as perverted as guys. Sometimes… They can be worse than male perverts because they just go unchecked. Of course, where there is a perverted female character, there is probably a pretty good comedy series waiting for the ecchi fan. So no matter whether you are looking for empowered female characters or a good comedy anime, just follow these female perverts to their anime of origin.

Yamada from B Gata H Kei

b gata h kei anime

The entirety of the plot for B Gata H Kei is the main character, Yamada, trying to lose her virginity so she can go on to sleep with 100 men in high school. Of course, even perverts like Yamada want the first time to be special, but mostly she just thinks her downstairs roast beef looks weird and is embarrassed about it.

Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

panty from panty and stocking

In Panty and Stocking, the two titular characters are angels, yes, but also a personification of one of the seven deadly sins. Stocking is Gluttony and Panty is Lust. She is so obsessed with men that she will do it with anyone and at any time. At this point, she has gone beyond perversion and is probably a walking patient zero for a new STD.

Shino (and Many Others) from SYD

shino from syd

A large part of SYD is showing off the abnormal student council of the once-all-girls’ school. Everyone knows that when there are no boys around, girls just turn into massive perverts. Of course, the worse of them all is Shino. She has a great obsession with BDSM, so much so that her teddy bear is tied up. However, that is one thing, she also has a penchant for dirty jokes.

Kirino from Oreimo

Kirino from Oreimo

Let us not forget that the crux of much of the Oreimo series is finding out that his little sister was not just an closet otaku, but a closet otaku that was into eroge games featuring little sisters. For those not in the know, that’s basically sex games and perverted visual novels. Kirino is deeply a pervert and nobody but her brother knows it.

Ayame from Shimoneta

ayame from shimoneta

Ayame is a legendary pervert even among the most voracious male perverts. If you’ve never watched Shimoneta, it is a near constant barrage of dirty jokes and sexual puns. This is thanks in no small part to Ayame, a girl who loves dirty jokes so much, she became a dirty joke terrorist. Seriously, if this list was in order, Ayame would always be at the top.

Riko and Ako from Kiss X Sis

kiss x sis anime

Make an anime with a guy pervert who wants to molest his sisters and it’s creepy, but make the sisters the sexual predators and… It’s still pretty creepy. While these twin sisters come with different personalities, they share the similarity of being big perverts. Riko is up front about her perversions while Ako is a little shyer. However, their minds are both filled with dirty thoughts about their brother.

Rika from Haganai

rika from haganai

Rika is a woman of science, and part of science is sexuality. She has a number of kinks under her belt and isn’t ashamed to talk about them. Furthermore, Rika is put into provocative situations frequently, and often she brings it on herself. Get ready for sexual innuendos wedged in-your-endo-o at every opportunity with this one.

Kanbaru from The Monogatari Series

kanbaru monogatari

The thing about Kanbaru is that she has a serious streak of blunt honesty and a bit of a boyish personality. Combine those two traits and you get a girl character that probably doesn’t mean to be a pervert, but comes off that way because she talks about things that others might find somewhat inappropriate.

Momo from To Love Ru

momo from to love ru

Similar to her twin Nana and elder sister Lala, Momo has great affection for the main character of the series and would probably be happiest if she just ravaged him. She constantly tries to create a harem for the main character and switches between pushing him to action on Lala and try to get it for herself.

Tomoko from Watamote

tomoko from watamote

Compared to others on this list, Tomoko is very low-key and a little more realistic in her perversion. Instead of full-on sexually assaulting people, she is prone to daydreaming naughty scenarios involving her friends in her head. Thank the heavens for all her friends that she is too awkward to actually do anything.

Rias from High School DxD

high school dxd anime

High School DxD is, overall, and overtly sexual show. However, the relationship between Rias and the main character is that of master and slave. It isn’t even your typical master and slave thing because Rias makes it very clear that she gets a distinct sexual pleasure from manipulating him. Of course, in a battle of the perverts, Issei still has her beat, but clearly Rias has naughty thoughts of her own.

Chizuru from Kanokon

Chizuru from Kanokon

As a 400-year-old fox demon, one could believe that Chizuru was out of touch. However, she does have a particular obsession with trying to take the main character’s virginity. That alone is pretty perverted, but she has a pretty big obsession with doing disgraceful acts in public too.

Miwako from Hen Zemi

Miwako from Hen Zemi

Miwako is a unique character in an already unique little show. She, unlike most of the characters on this list, has a boyfriend. However, they are both enormous perverts. With a whole mess of weird fetishes, she is right at home in the Abnormal Psychology class.

Nyaruko from Haiyore Nyaruko-san

Nyaruko from Haiyore Nyaruko-san

When a guy obsesses with one girl, has dirty thoughts, and follows her everywhere, it’s called stalking, but when Nyaruko does it, it’s all cute fun and games. She is an alien and claims she fell in love with her crush at first sight. She likes all the things normal humans like – anime, manga, games, dirty thoughts, ect. However, she likes them all less than trying to molest a certain human guy.

Chitose from YuruYuri

Chitose from YuruYuri

Chitose has a problem, a chocolate problem. She is frequently prone to nosebleeds because she can’t control her thoughts. However, she remains a rather innocent pervert in the show unless she eats chocolate. If that happens, the “alcohol” in the chocolate makes her “make out” with all the girls, even her sister. There is a thin line between pervert and sexual deviant.

Did we miss any other special unicorns that are the female perverts in anime? Let us know in the comments section below.


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