The 15 Cutest Kemonomimi Characters Ranked by Japan

Japan loves kemonomimi, which are humanoid characters with animal ears! Some of the characters get a bonus fluffy tail.

To celebrate everything kemonomimi, Goo Ranking asked the Japanese community to vote for the cutest ears.


15Cure Chocolate (KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode) – 34 votes


14Cyan Hijirikawa (Show by Rock!!) – 35 votes

13Cure Macaron (KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode) – 37 votes




11Cure Whip (KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode) – 41 votes







6Chocolla (Di Gi Charat) – 65 votes









2Black Hanekawa (Nekomonogatari) – 153 votes



1Serval (Kemono Friends) – 246 votes


What are your favorite kemonomimi characters?

I love all things that are cute, magic-based, and easy going! My biggest obsessions of all time are Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches and Fairy Tail. Let’s go shipping!

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