Tenrou: Sirius The Jaeger Episode 4 Review: Beginning Of Trickery

It was conspiracy after conspiracy in this week’s episode. We assumed that each individual group, Hyakko party and the vampires were working together. In fact, it seems their mutual partnership was not to last. As each group has their own goals and intentions, they will do what is necessary to reach their targets. We also got a glimpse at a ‘Frankenstein’ monster… Things were certainly dark and exciting in this week’s episode.

Japanese Original Title: トリッキーの始まり


The Hyakko party and Vampires’ mutual partnership comes to a breaking point when one betrays the other. The military have made a dangerous alley, which results in bad consequences. The Vampires experiment goes for its first test run, and Yuliy is once again reunited with his brother.

Episode Highlights

Betrayal All The Way: There were some interesting developments revealed in this episode. The Alma company behind the scenes are actually the Royals, vampires lead by Kershner, for whom at this stage we don’t know much about except that they are on the Jaeger group radar. The Royals take their experiment for a test run, killing all the Military soldiers at a setup practice zone where they were demonstrating to the Military their new weapon, which unknown to them was what they expected. Hyakko Party goes on a revenge rampage killing all of Alma’s employees at their office as the Royals no longer had a use for the group after collecting all the artificial organs for their new weapon.

Ryoko’s Love: I’m all for romance in any anime no matter how small or big but Ryoko’s growing affections for Yuliy seemed forced, especially the way Ryoko acted at dinner, asking where Yuliy was going away and with whom. It feels pointless at this stage for these feelings Ryoko has for Yuliy, a romance element thrown in there for the sake of it.

Frankenstein: We get a glimpse of the Vampire’s creation, a Frankenstein look-alike. I’m not sure where the idea of this creation will go. Why go to all this trouble? I like the idea so far, that the vampires collected organs to create this creature, but I hope it brings something exciting to the plot.

Themes And Trivia

Royals and Slaves: Slaves are the underlings of the ‘Royals’. They can disguise themselves as humans and blend into human society easily. They are able to walk in the sun since they possess a special lens protecting their eyes. Unlike the Slaves, Royals have no limitations walking in the daylight and they also have levitation abilities.

Werewolf: A mythical beast; men who turn themselves into a wolf at night. The origin of the werewolf date back to European Folklore.


This week’s episode was incredibly interesting as we learned more about the Royals’ plans. They masked themselves as the Alma Company and were in cahoots with the Military. The plot of Sirius The Jaeger is forming nicely. Things did feel slow this episode, but that is me being picky here. I feel we’re building up to something explosive and the only thing worth mentioning this week is that Ryoko’s affection towards Yuliy feels out of place with the series. This romance feels like it has been thrown in there for the sake of it and I can’t even take it seriously. Honestly, for this episode I don’t have much to say. It was interesting and I’ve gotten used to this series explosive pace… Something unexpected is happening every episode, and I hope it delivers next time as well. So, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Betrayal Is A Bitch

We were treated to a very interesting episode this week that revealed more of our forming plot and that betrayal was the main theme. Everyone is out for themselves in this series, and it’s hilarious actually. I was laughing a fair bit during this episode, but Sirius The Jaeger continues to have me glued to the screen.

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See you next week for more vampire action!!!

Next Time: The Frankenstein  (フランケンシュタイ)

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