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Rei Hiroe's Re:Creators Anime Gets Manga Adaptation

Rei Hiroe’s Re:Creators Anime Gets Manga Adaptation

This year’s February issue of Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday Gene-X announced on Thursday that the upcoming Re:CREATORS original television anime project will get a manga adaptation in the magazine beginning this spring. Daiki Kase (Man-ken.) is drawing the series. The anime will premiere in April. The show’s site describes the story: Humans have created many stories. …

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Top 10 Anime Tattoos

Top 10 Anime Tattoos

Each anime character, main or secondary, has something that sets them apart from everybody else. Sometimes it’s a unique fighting technique that no one else uses. Sometimes it’s just a character’s personality that makes them more noticeable. Even the characters that exist for a single episode or are secondary to the secondary characters usually have …

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