Tada Never Falls in Love Episode 5 Review: It`s Okay. They Don`t Exist

We are now into the fifth month of the year and the fifth episode of Tada Never Falls in Love. This episode, however, takes place during June, as evidenced by the constant rain and the hydrangea in full bloom. After the slightly meh episode last week, we have a much cuter one this time around, as we get to see the 10th ever Kaoru Ijuin show! Knowing the king of ham that is Kaoru, this is sure to be a riot.

Japanese title: 大丈夫だ。いないから


It has been 10 years since Mitsuyoshi and Yui lost their parents in an accident and we get to see their final moments together. Little Mitsuyoshi and Yui are very cute, and Nyanko Big is so tiny! Mitsuyoshi is clearly upset that his father is off on a work trip, and it’s painful to think that he may regret his final moments with his mother and father.

Back to the present day, and Kaoru Ijuin has invited the members of the photography club to the 10th annual Kaoru Ijuin Show, to be held at Tada Coffee. Despite his flashy looks, Ijuin is the heir to a very famous traditional Japanese restaurant and is a great cook. He lets each member of the club decide what they want to eat and cooks it for them! Not only can he talk the talk but he can walk the walk, and each dish looks delicious! After everybody has filled their bellies, they all head to a public bathhouse! Although the boys and girls are in separate baths, that still have a good time, until the perverted Hajime is attacked by a kappa. We get some romance talk in the baths, but nothing particularly interesting of note. On the way home, it is confirmed that Kaoru is doing this to help his friend get through such a difficult time. He really cares for Mitsuyoshi, and can’t bear to see him down.

Finally, we get to meet the gorgeous Charles, who confirms to us that Teresa is heir to the Larsenburg throne!


The Kaoru Ijuin Show

In this episode, we saw that Kaoru is one of the sweetest, kindest people in the show, even if his way of showing that he cares is a little different to others. He never directly tells Mitsuyoshi to cheer up, he just tries to do what he does best- which is to utilize his personality. It is also very clear that he understands Mitsuyoshi’s personality very well, and knows that he is not the kind to ask his friends for help. If you find Kaoru’s personality annoying (which is perfectly understandable), you still can’t deny that he is a good person.


The sexy stripping music as the boys were getting undressed was hilarious (if a little disturbing as they are of course all underage)


The usage of the yellow tub to censor Hajime’s junk as he was flying through the air was brilliant.


Public Bathhouse

The club members all went to visit a sento, which is a public bathhouse. You may have already heard of an onsen (hot spring), and a sento is very similar. The main difference between the two is that an onsen uses natural hot spring water and a sento is artificial and may use water from the national pipelines. Most sento are in the neighborhood, harking from the days when most families did not have a bath in their home.

Yellow Bucket

You may have noticed the yellow tub that Hajime slipped on. These are a staple in Japanese bathhouses, and usually are printed with the company name ‘kerorin’, but in this case, it said ‘Kyurin’ (also a pun on the word ‘kyuri’, which means ‘cucumber’ and is associated with kappa). They are usually used to pour water over yourself, and you can see Tada using one in this way.

Always make your heart rainbow!

This episode was definitely a step up from last week. Although the focus was on Kaoru, there was still a great balance of the interaction between the rest of the cast. Most importantly, Kaoru’s heart of gold really shone, and I thought he was adorable when he declared that he would keep on running the Kaoru show. I still think that the series is really lacking something, but I hope with the addition of Charles some of that worry will go away. See you next week!

NEXT TIME: I`m Not a Rain-Bringer (雨男, じゃないぞ)

Tada Never Falls in Love (Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai)

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