Tada Never Falls in Love Episode 2 Review: Well, She's Not Wrong

The second episode of Tadakoi is here, and we finally get to meet the rest of the photography club! We have quite an eclectic cast of characters, so I’m looking forward to what they get up to in the future. Theresa and Alec have already been in Japan for a few days but it seems they have already made some friends! Let’s see what happened this week at Koinohoshi High School.

The female body is art! What’s wrong with loving it so much?

Japanese title: まぁ、間違っちゃいない


Alec and Theresa have begun their Japanese school life. Class rep Hasegawa informs the girls that they must join extracurricular activities as is written in the school rules. After looking around at different clubs, they come by Tada’s club, the photography club. The other members include Ijuin, the class rep herself, and her childhood friend Hajime Sugimoto AKA Pin-sempai. Pin-sempai is obsessed with gravure idols and hopes to photograph them in the future. His favorite idol is Hina…who bears a VERY striking resemblance to a certain member of the photography club…

After Theresa’s puppy dog eyes convince Alec to let them take part in the entrance exam for the photography club, they start a game. The members split into two groups. Whoever can take the best photographs of the rival members wins! After a lot of silliness as they run around the school, Alec gains victory after snapping a beautiful shot of a laughing Tada and Theresa! I especially enjoyed Ijuin going from PTSD when it comes to Alec, to flirting with her, to going back to PTSD.
Afterward, Theresa and Alec decide to join the photography club! Yay! They all go back to Tada Coffee and enjoy a kira kira shiny sparkly time together!

It seems that Theresa will add one more photograph to her corkboard at the end of each episode, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it will look at the end!


Sugimoto’s Passion

There is something about Sugimoto’s personality which is really charming in a strange way. He is not afraid to just say what’s on his mind. Gotta love an honest boy. I think him having Ume-chan’s voice really helps. (This is me and Shizu all over again)

Automatic Response

Again, with Sugimoto, I loved his automatic reactions. From guarding Hasegawa, no, his camera, to his peace sign, he really doesn’t think before he acts.

Yamashita Dog

Yamashita is a human dog! He responds to a whistle, runs like a doggy, has a crazy sense of smell. This has some great comedy potential and I hope it isn’t wasted. Although it was written in his character description that his nickname is Yamashita Dog (Yamashita-ken), it didn’t think he would actually run on all fours! I was listening to this week’s episode of the Tadakoi radio programme, and even Hiro Shimono (Yamashita’s voice actor) said he was shocked when he saw just how dog-like he is! [laugh]

The Little Parodies

This anime has some little parodies of other works and tropes from romance anime. For example, the glowing close up of when Tada grabbed Yamashita’s hands on the stairs, Alec’s Newtype-like senses, the kabe-don in the background… If you noticed any parodies, then please let me know in the comments!

Theresa and Alec’s Room

Theresa and Alec’s room is super-Japanese. Theresa’s shrine to Rainbow Shogun (she even claps her hands in the way Japanese do before praying at a shrine) is both cringey and adorable. She even has one of those secret doors you would see in a Japanese castle!


Gravure Idol

Hajime’s dream is to become a photographer of gravure idols. Theresa is confused about what a gravure idol is, which is understandable as they are quite a Japanese thing! Gravure idols are young models who pose half-naked for men’s magazines (including manga magazines). They are not usually photographed naked, but they are often in suggestive poses. Gravure idols are young and often underage, but as they are not completely nude, it’s somehow ok.

Club Activities

If you’ve watched any Japanese anime set in a school, you would have noticed that club activities are a big thing. At Koinohoshi high school, club activities are compulsory, but you will find that at many Japanese high schools, students tend to drop club activities in their final year in order to focus on their university entrance exams.


In the morning, Alec talks about the Japanese food ‘natto’. She mispronounces the word, pronouncing ‘to’ like the English word ‘too’ instead of something a little closer to the word ‘toe’. Natto is sticky fermented soybeans that are often eating on top of rice as part of a balanced Japanese breakfast. It’s good for you and tastes great with a bit of sweet soy sauce and mustard. I like natto but it has quite a strong smell. Many Japanese assume all foreigners hate this ‘uniquely Japanese’ food (hence the joke with the gasmask), but it’s actually not that much different from many types of blue cheese. If you have an Asian supermarket in your town, you may be able to find frozen natto (you need to defrost it first!) so try it out if you’re brave!

Always make your heart rainbow!

I wish this episode would have had JUST a little more ridiculousness to take away from the fact that this was just an introduction episode, lacking development. I think it could have pushed the jokes just a teeny bit further and it would have been brilliant. However, I did enjoy the episode and the new characters are cute. I hope we can see more of Yamashita and his dogginess. Somehow this anime also makes me start to feel my age, so I hope they can pass on some of their youthfulness to me.

Don’t forget to check a few official screenshots from our preview of Episode 2. Each week, you will be able to read the summary and see a gallery of stills before the episode airs!

Next episode: I like that (それ、好きだなあ)

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