Tada Never Falls In Love Episode 12 Review: Sorry for Surprising You

We are now at the penultimate episode of Tada Never Falls in Love! Now, I don’t know if I’m just in an overly emotional mood these days, but when the credits rolled for this episode, I found myself bursting into tears! I think Alec, in particular, had a profound effect on me this week. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Japanese title: … 突然、ごめん


Mitsuyoshi has somehow landed in Teresa’s home country of Larsenburg (or however you want to spell it now), with Kaoru chasing him in secret. With Kaoru getting distracted by the yummy chocolate spoons that remind him of happier days, Mitsuyoshi escapes, following the address on the letter given to him by his grandfather. He eventually arrives at the grand building but has no idea how to get inside.

Meanwhile, Teresa is hard at work as the future ruler of the country. Alec ends up with Charles as he tries on his outfit for an upcoming event. As he leaves, she can’t help but put her face into the jacket Charles has just taken off and gets caught by Teresa. Our princess asks Alec if she is in love with Charles, and the redhead STRONGLY denies it. She’s denying it not just to Teresa, but to herself.

While Mitsuyoshi is struggling to communicate with the guard, a voice calls out to him. It’s Rachel/Reiko, the old friend of Mitsuyoshi’s grandfather. She invites him in for tea and reads the letter that he gives to her. She realizes that Mitsuyoshi has no idea about Teresa, but brings him to meet her.

Of course, Teresa is shocked, but the two are allowed to be alone together and she tells him about her situation. She is the next ruler of Larsenburg and will wed Charles when she turns 18. It’s very clear that she has a lot of love for her country, and can’t let anything get in the way of that. Mitsuyoshi is shocked, and it becomes clear that he and she can never be together. After he leaves, Teresa is clearly upset. She retires to her bedroom and cries her eyes out. Charles is helpless as the girl he loves is in pain, and Alec herself is helpless as she watches the man she loves in pain too.
Kaoru finally catches up to Mitsuyoshi and sees the unthinkable. Mitsuyoshi has tears in his eyes…


Alec’s Feelings

It’s been quite clear from early on that Alec has been in love with Charles for quite some time. To be honest, Teresa has probably known for a long time too, but it’s only now that Teresa confronts her about it. Alec’s reaction was that of strong denial. She knows that she and Charles can’t be together and that her feelings are one-sided. Although this scene did not really contribute to the development of the story, I could really feel Alec’s pain in her denial.

Teresa’s Determination

Teresa may come off as a sweet yet air-headed girl with a fangirlish obsession, but it’s now clear that she is way beyond her years. She has been given a responsibility, and she will fulfill it. It’s not been brought up exactly WHY she left without saying anything, but it is heavily implied that staying any longer would have had a negative impact on what she was destined to be. Of course, it’s easy to say she was being immature by running away without saying anything, but I’m not sure if I agree. Teresa has a lot of weight on her shoulders that she is WILLING to shoulder, and leaving without saying anything was clearly difficult for her too. She isn’t even an adult, yet has an entire country to represent.

Comic Relief

Kaoru has been providing comic relief throughout the season and, love him or hate him, he’s a very unique character. This episode was particular angsty, so I was personally happy to have his little stupid scenes, especially his attempts at English. To be honest, if anybody other than Miyano Mamoru had voiced our little rich boy, I may have disliked him [laughed]. Him going for the spoons was actually very cute, as it reminded him of happy days with his friends. I feel that Kaoru is actually by far the sweetest and kindest character in the series. Although it may have seemed at first like he was going to get with Alec, it turns out he already loves his friends. I don’t doubt that he is following Mitsuyoshi out of genuine concern for his friend more than anything else.



Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a rainbow flag on top of Teresa’s residence…


Although we already guessed that Teresa’s country was based on Luxembourg, there seemed to be many things from this episode that showed it is indeed set there. The architecture, including the tall spires, looked like they were taken straight from there, and Kaoru visited some caverns which are a famous tourist spot in Luxembourg. I have never visited the tiny principality, so I can’t tell you the exact places that appeared. If you are from or have visited Luxembourg, I would love to know what appeared in the episode!

Always Make Your Heart Rainbow!

Mitsuyoshi loves Teresa. Teresa loves Mitsuyoshi. Charles loves Teresa. Alec loves Charles. Kaoru just loves everyone. There’s a lot going on here.

At first, this series seemed to have a lot of parallels with the classic movie Roman Holiday, but I’m sure many of us were hoping to get a happy ending. However, with one episode to go, it’s not so clear-cut that we’ll get the happy ending we were hoping for. Roman Holiday ended with the main couple going their separate ways, and it’s perfectly possible it could happen here too… Neither Teresa nor Charles seems like they would ever run away from their responsibilities, so somebody is definitely going to end up heartbroken in the end and I’m not sure if my delicate heart can take it (^_^;)
The scene with Alec’s ‘denial’ of her feelings and the scene with a tearful Mitsuyoshi really tugged at my heartstrings, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what the final episode will throw at us!

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NEXT TIME: I`ll Never Forget It, Either (俺も, 一生, 忘れない)

Tada Never Falls in Love (Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai)

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