Tada Never Falls In Love Episode 10 Review: It Isn't The Real One

We are 10 episodes into Tada Never Falls In Love and Mitsuyoshi and Teresa go on a date (kind of). Although we get some answers this episode, Mitsuyoshi seems to be in a constant state of confusion for the whole episode. Let’s take a look at why.

Japanese title: 本物、じゃないよな


Teresa and Mitsuyoshi meet up at the spot they first met to go to the exhibition based on Teresa’s beloved Rainbow Shogun. The height of the Startree (based on Tokyo Skytree, of course) gives Mitsuyoshi some vertigo, but luckily the exhibition takes place on the ground! Teresa is having the time of her life, while Mitsuyoshi is just like ‘hmm, okay’. They manage to win prizes for each other, and even end up taking part in the live show! Mitsuyoshi (still confused of course), even manages to say the Rainbow line! Over equally colorful food, Teresa talks about her nanny, Rachel. It turns out that Rachel is actually a Japanese woman called Reiko. The pair then eventually visit the observation deck at the top of the tower. Mitsuyoshi finds himself able to talk honestly to Teresa, and he talks about his feelings regarding his parents’ accident and how he blames himself. Teresa repeats the words he told her during the photography club trip, and tells him that he cannot be blamed and he has to keep moving forward. Mitsuyoshi seems to be a little more at ease…until he notices the glass floor and freaks out. As they return home and say their goodbyes, Teresa seems a little down and turns down the invitation to have coffee. She then doesn’t return to her rented room, but instead keeps walking down the street. Mitsuyoshi meanwhile has found his photo, a beautiful Rainbow reflected in Teresa’s eyes. The next day, we find out that Alec and Teresa have returned home. This news hits Mitsuyoshi hard, and it seems he has comes to an important realization.


The Confusion of Mitsuyoshi Tada
This episode, Mitsuyoshi was confused by the Rainbow Shogun exhibition and later confused by his own feelings. Although he is very kind and caring, Mitsuyoshi has not shown much emotion in this series, so it was quite refreshing to see him lose his cool (especially in the Startree). The deep breath he took before inviting Teresa for coffee, the way he stopped in front of her residence and his reaction after hearing she has returned home were sides to Mitsuyoshi Tada we hadn’t seen much of. The blush on his face as he said the ‘Rainbow’ line was also really cute!

Teresa goes full fangirl
Teresa’s love for Rainbow Shogun is so pure and adorable. Sure, it may be a little cringey to shout the lines of the show out in public, but Teresa is so pure that there is no way I can dislike her for it. The sparkles in her eyes throughout the exhibition

The Sniper
The rugged Rainbow Shogun fan from the Tada Coffee Shop shooting the prize for Teresa from the 2nd floor of the building was very sweet. Fans must look out for each other. (But please don’t break the exhibition’s rules!)


You love it.
After taking a bite of the Rainbow Shogun food, Teresa cutely exclaims how she feels the Rainbow power. Mitsuyoshi then says ‘You really like it, Rainbow Shogun’. Teresa seems a little shocked. This is because what he says in Japanese (好きなんだな、本当に, ‘suki nan da na, hontou ni’) can actually mean ‘I like you, I really do’ out of context. This is because Japanese often drops the subject from sentences, so it wasn’t obvious whether he was saying ‘I like’ or ‘You like’ until he continued. It’s impossible to translate into English, so some viewers may have been a little confused by Teresa’s reaction.

Always make your heart rainbow!

A few things were made clear in this episode. Firstly, Mitsuyoshi has definitely developed some kind of feelings for Teresa, although he obviously hasn’t realized it yet. Secondly, Teresa’s nanny Rachel was not only Japanese but also has a connection to Mitsuyoshi and Yui’s grandfather. This also explains why he was familiar with the country of Larsenburg. However, it’s not made clear why Alec and Teresa have returned home so early. Will Mitsuyoshi confront his fear of airplanes and perhaps go and visit? More importantly, will Cherry every accept Nyanko Big?! Based on the preview, it seems we will get some moping from Mitsuyoshi and Grandad Tada will tell Mitsuyoshi something important. Let’s look forward to it!

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Tada Never Falls in Love (Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai)

Spring 2018 | Anime Info | Simulcast

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