Sushi Teleportation – This startup is printing sushi in 3D across the world

Scanning a sushi, send it to the other side of the world and print it in 3D thanks to edible pixels, this is the idea of the startup Open Meals! With this new concept, this Japanese company wants to revolutionize the food of the future. An amazing project, which breaks down into three phases: Digital Oden, which consists of scanning and breaking down a food, Food Base, a kind of database listing all the dishes and foods of the world, and finally Pixel Food Printer, a 3D printer capable of printing food pixel by pixel.

Open Meals has presented a prototype of its Pixel Food Printer with Sushi Teleportation! A project that consists of printing a sushi in 3D after having scanned it. This 3D printer is indeed capable of printing food, where each pixel has a different taste, color, texture and nutrients. For now, the printer is only capable of generating a big 8-bit sushi, but the concept is here!

Open Meals of course hopes to offer more precise food printers, reproducing tastes and textures more accurately, and of course a database of various dishes from around the world. The future of food?


Images © Open Mealssource

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