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Hey guys, welcome back :).
So we all have a feature that we like, today we’ll be taking a look at the most striking feature, Heterchromia. This affects men, women, and animals. Here is a list of my top 10.


1- Momou Inugami.

Affiliation- dog deity.
Colour combination- blue/green.
Anime- Binbougami ga!
This guy is a bit of an unusual deity where he can only turn into a human or dog while being punished in some way. He has a very masochistic nature.


2 – Lady (miss lady).

Affiliation- human.
Colour combination- blue/red.
Anime- Devil may cry.
Not much can be said apart from being an extremely talented demon hunter.


3- Seiryuu no goh.

Affiliation- Saint beast often depicted as a dragon.
Colour combination- blue/red.
Anime- Angel Tales.
Seiryuu is the oldest of the 4 saint beasts and is often called big brother by the other 3.


4- Lelouch Lamperouge.

Affiliation- human.
Colour combination- purple/magenta.
Anime- Code geass.
Originally Lelouch had normal eyes but once he gained the geass his left eye become magenta.


5- Soushi Miketsuami.

Affiliation- half human half fox youkai.
Colour combination- blue/gold.
Anime- Inu x boku ss.
Even though he was born into a human family, one of his ancestors was a fox youkai. As a result of he was born with the abilities and eyes of his ancestor.


6- Elizabeth Liones.

Affiliation- human/ apostle to the goddess race.
Colour combination- orange/blue.
Anime- seven deadly sins.
Elizabeth is the youngest daughter of the king of lions, even being adopted she is treated exactly the same as her 2 older siblings. Elizabeth’s original family were from a race of oracles who communed with the goddess race, this was evident by the eye color.


7- Juugo.

Affiliation- human.
Colour combination- purple/green.
Anime- Nanbaka.
Juugo is a teenager who has spent his entire life in prison. He is also a genius when it comes to escaping. Juugo himself states he likes the way his eyes change depending on the lighting and way he stands.


8- Tet.

Affifliation- God.
Colour combination – mulit/multi.
Anime- No Game No Life.
Tet is the ruling god of Disboard. Whilst being bored he brought Sora and Shiro to disboard, to liven things up by having some fun.


9- Neyn Hydra.

Affiliation- demon.
Colour combination- blue/yellow.
Anime- Blood lad.
The resulting heterochromia for neyn was the fact she met her human counterpart. This works on the basis of the doppelganger phenomena. Where it is said you die after meeting your double. However, in the case of Neyn she combined with her human counterpart.

10- Ragna the Bloodedge.

Affiliation- human.
Colour combination- red/green.
Anime- Blublaze: alter memory.
When Ragna was a child he had 2 green eyes.  Due to the events started by his younger brother Ragna obtained the blublaze grimore.  As a result of being taken over by the grimore Ragna regained his right arm and also his right eye turned red.
That’s all for this article hope you enjoyed reading this. come back again.
Are there any striking eyes you like? Let us know in the comments below.


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