Some Incredible ‘Diablo III’ Cosplay To Celebrate The Arrival Of ‘Reaper Of Souls’

Did you hear? The long-awaited expansion for Diablo III hits tomorrow and it’s bringing with it a ton of new content. Reaper of Souls introduces a whole new act to the main storyline that follows the fallen angel Malthael who’s on a quest for the Black Soulstone that contains within it the essence of Diablo and his ilk. You can be sure my review is incoming, I only ask that you be patient — this expansion is huge.

To celebrate the arrival of Reaper of Souls, let’s take a minute to enjoy some intensely cool Diablo cosplay. This must’ve taken forever to make, because the attention to detail is ridiculous. Thankfully, we already have a warrior to fight for us, so you don’t need to worry about this well-crafted Diablo running loose.

This is the work of Filipino cosplayer Krizdel Ingreso. You can see how it was made on Facebook.

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