Solve Mysteries With Detective Conan at Universal Studios!

Detective Conan will be heading back to Universal Japan for another huge-scale event in early 2018!

The Detective Conan event will take place across the whole park, including a real escape game and appearances from some of the other characters from the franchise alongside Conan himself. There will also be a series of special menu items available in the park’s restaurants where fans will have the opportunity to meet with and investigate an “incident” whilst dining.

In solving mysteries together with the Detective Conan crew, fans will have the opportunity to experience an all new Detective Conan story!

Real escape game Detective Conan The Escape opens from Jan. 19 – June 24, 2018 with the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant running Feb. 2 – March 20.

Are you pumped to solve mysteries with one of the world’s greatest detectives?

Theo Tin Tuc Anime

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