Sengoku Night Blood Manga Vol. 1 Released Ahead of Anime!

With the TV anime adaptation set for broadcast this October, the first volume of Sengoku Night Blood, the manga adaptation of the popular smartphone game, hits shelves on Sept. 27.

This adaptation of the original hit renai game, in which the player contends with vampires and werewolves in the Sengoku Era, is headed by Ono Akihito. The first volume covers the journey of the heroine, Yuzuki, as she is sucked into her smartphone and deposited in a different world called “Shinga” where she encounters various historical figures including Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

In Shinga, Yuzuki also comes into contact with werewolves and vampires and finds out that her blood has special powers which can aid the “Gekkazoku” warriors.

Customers who purchase the first volume of the manga through Animate will also receive a bonus limited edition rubber strap featuring a new chibi illustration of Toyotomi Hideyoshi by Ono Akihito.

The first volume of the Sengoku Night Blood manga is now on sale. The TV anime adaptation of the popular game airs from Oct. 3.

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