Sailor Moon Captured Mid-Transition in Stunning Figure!

Of all magical girl transformations, none is better-known than that of the iconic Sailor Moon. Every moment and pose of the sequence has cemented itself into anime history, and it is now being honored in the form of a beautiful new Figuarts Zero Chouette figure: Figuarts Zero Chouette Sailor Moon -Moon Crystal Power, Make Up-!

Standing at 25 cm, the figure features clumsy yet good-hearted heroine Tsukino Usagi surrounded by swirls of pink and blue as she completes her transformation into Sailor Moon.

The pink and blue gradient of the transformation effects create an enchanting atmosphere truly fit for a magical girl.

Make sure not to miss out on small details like the removable star charms that hang from the dreamy display.

Preorders are open on Premium Bandai for 8,640 yen (after tax), with an expected release date of Sept. 2018.

Product Details
Name: Figuarts Zero Chouette Sailor Moon -Moon Crystal Power, Make Up-
Series: Sailor Moon
Specifications: Pre-painted ABS & PVC figure with display stand
Height (approx.): 250mm (includes stand)
Target Age: 15 and older

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