Restaurant to Another World Episode 12 (Final) Review: Pork Soup – Croquettes

After a run that felt longer than I wish it did, Restaurant to Another Worlds first season was completed with an episode exactly like any other: some people came in and had food. Mind-blown.

Japanese Original Episode Title: とん汁 / コロッケ


It’s that time of the month, also known as ‘Meat-Day’; and the chef is substituting miso for pork soup to treat his guests. Obviously, everyone loves it (here’s a non-realistic restaurant situation right there). In the other world, Alexander the half-elf, who enjoys a good dick joke, is visiting his old comrade, mage Altorius, to ask him to lead him to the Nekoya, where he can try real croquettes, not the crappy ones they serve in his own world. As he’s dining with him, profoundly enjoying the food (surprised?) Altorius reveals to him that their other comrade, Yomi, who was thought dead, was actually alive and stranded to this very world, and the Chef was actually her grandson. MIND. BLOWN. Is this the most shocking of revelations or what? Alexander leaves the restaurant to pay a visit to his family graves, where he meets Adelheid, who tries to chat to him, but escapes. What an emotional turnout.

After the Nekoya calls it a day, the Chef treats Kuro and Aletta to a special dinner to mark the ending of the season and conclude meat day, a day to be remember for aeons to come as the day when some western-style Japanese restaurant that pops doors in a parallel universe gave free meat soup to its customers. And life went on as usual.

Episode Highlights

ChefxKuro: We didn’t get any of that. Not that I’m advocating for fan service, but the promising excitement the chef demonstrated at the beginning of the episode lead to nothing. It’s not like I genuinely care about their romantic life… I just thought it would be interested to see this going down.

Alexander: Less annoying and less cruel than last time, Alexander turns out to be Emperor Wilhelm’s father, and thus Adelheid’s grandfather. Must suck to look the same age as your grandparents. Also, who the hell eats wearing white gloves?

Try before you serve: Even though Aletta was made to look a bit pathetic and embarrassed hoping to try the pork soup as soon as possible, this is actually the right way to introduce a new dish: you need to let the staff have it first, so they can efficiently communicate the dish’s specs to the customers. Having it after the shift is over is kind of pointless.

Humble Royalty: Despite being a noble princess who lives in a castle and eats imported ice cream for dinner, Adelheid cannot afford a couple of guards (or even a carriage, her being sick and all!) to take care of her while walking to her family grave, that is apparently open to visitors. She just has to drag her maid around (whose dress is, by the way, historically inaccurate).

Themes & Trivia

Pork Soup: Tonjiru or Butajiru — both literally mean pork soup — is a Japanese soup made with pork and vegetables and flavoured with miso.

Altorius: means ‘altar’ in Lituanian. I am really skeptical on whether that was intentional or just plain random.

Save some space for dessert

I am glad the life-changing experience of watching Restaurant to Another World is now over. I feel like the show really challenged me to develop my thinking and become a better person, and much as I enjoy all of that, they do take a lot of time and effort, so now that I don’t have to stress over what dish the chef will come up with next time, I can get back to my daily routine of eating plain mayonnaise for lunch, with the occasional addition of pot noodles, hoping that I will one day be able to afford the orgasmic meals of such a restaurant.

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