Re:CREATORS Episode 22 (Final) Review: Re:Creators

This is how you make an anime that deserves to be put among the classics. You take a theme that matters and create a story that needs to be heard. You don’t abuse your 24-minute slot and bring something to the screen that most anime fans can enjoy. You make it deep enough to warrant some after-show thinking and you sprinkle those moments with enough action to keep things interesting. And most importantly, you finish the damn story.

Welcome to my review for the last episode of one of the better anime of the decade, Re:CREATORS.


Re:CREATORS ended in the best possible way. It wrapped up with one of the less exciting episodes that focused on the main theme of the series: creation. Exciting fights? Nah, we had that. The world almost destroyed? So last year; we went over that. Monologues about how the world was saved and how new adventures await our heroes? Well, maybe a little but not in that way. This was more a life-goes-on episode, full of positivity and valuable lessons for all the creators out there. No dead characters are coming to life, no villains threaten the world foreshadowing a sequel, no puzzling scenes. This is really the end of the series. Even the more mysterious aspects of the show, like the appearance of Setsuna are left aside. It doesn’t matter and the viewers can make their own assumptions. This show was about other things, greater than what we think is great. More adventurous than the wildest anime adventures. More dramatic than the most tear-jerking dramas. This show was about creating something out of nothing, and how that something can change lives. Is there anything more important than that?

The success of this episode is that it acknowledges its main theme without getting pretentious. Instead, it treats the creative process as something sacred and universal, a constant with which we are all blessed. The critique on critique that the first episode bombastically placed was present here as well, especially in Souta’s last scene. It doesn’t matter how many likes we get and how fate will treat our creation. What matters is that we go on and create. We have no power on what will happen to the story after it leaves our creative soul, but we have all the power in the world from the moment the first stroke, word, note leaves our being until the last one closes its circle.

In the same fashion, this last episode of Re:CREATORS did the last thing it was meant and allowed to do: clean up and provide closure. It sent the creators back to their world after some much needed one-on-one time with their creators. It allowed those who remained back to find their place in their new world. It offered its final thoughts on what creation is all about.

Re:CREATORS is an anime I will revisit someday, and that alone gives it the status of a classic.

Episode Highlights

Our Beloved Family: The most heartwarming drawing Sota ever created was shown to us as a soon as it was uploaded. Zero comments, zero views, zero favorites. We don’t need to know what fate has in store for it. We don’t have to see it succeed or fail. We already know how important it is to those who took part in this story and the bonds that will forever keep them together. That’s the important part.

Write interesting stories, like your life is on the line

Let’s make a toast: After a short feast, Blitz made the most appropriate toast, one that I just had to raise my glass to: ‘Here’s to the two female knights. The paragons of courage.’ Someone must be chopping some really powerful onions nearby.

Themes & Trivia

Multiverse theory: Many believe that the countless parallel universe stories in science fiction are figments of the creators’ imagination, but the truth is that the concept is a real scientific hypothesis. The multiverse is a hypothetical set of possible universes. According to the it, our universe is just one of the infinite universes that comprise everything that exists, the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants. It sounds complicating and it most probably is. The concept is so popular that it has been described in multiple disciplines like cosmology, physics, astronomy, religion, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, and literature.

To Create: You only need two things, passion and practice. Passion to create the stories you only have in your mind and practice in how to tell them in the best possible way. That’s the only thing Meteora needs to become a creator. A small table, a laptop, and the will to tell a story. We are all creators.

I love this world


Since this is the last comment section for this title, I want to dedicate it to Souta’s last words, or rather, to the last words of his creators:

‘I can’t stop myself from creating. Even if I fail… Even if no one approves… Even so… I know that lots of stories have been created that way. Sometimes, they touch people’s hearts. And sometimes, they change peoples’ lives. Yes. In a small way, it changes their lives into something very beautiful.’

How more meta can a series about creators and creations get after Meteora uses the title of the anime for her own novel? Was the anime we saw just an adaptation of her story?

Go Create.

The world needs your stories. The people around you need your stories. We all need your stories. Now, go out there and create. Create for you and change other people’s lives. Create to save yourself and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to save others as well. Be the best anime fan you can and watch series that make you a better you. Too philosophical? Well, sometimes we damn need to be. Like Neil Gaiman would say: Make good art.

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