Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon – Remakes are Popular too!

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So, a year ago in November 2016, we were treated to yet another installment in the wonderful world of Pokemon.  This time, we were transported to the Alola region aka Pokemon’s Hawaii.  And there, we find a series of islands without gyms but with lots of new variant types of old Pokemon favorites.  Vulpix and Sandshrew become ice types. Raichu can suddenly float in the air.  And our lovable ground-type Cubone evolves into a new Marowak – the fire/ghost combo version.

These changes were met with both great enthusiasm and some annoyance, which couldn’t really be helped since we had twenty years to become attached to the Pokemon gym formula.  Nonetheless, the games were highly anticipated and turned out to be pretty fun to play.

But what about the sales?  Turns out, new can be good.  Last November,  1.9 million copies of the original Pokemon Sun and Moon were sold in the first three days.  But how do Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon compare?  Well, in Japan, 1.2 million copies of these new version were sold in the first three days.  About a 33% drop from last year, but still pretty good when you consider that we’ve only been waiting for these new versions for one year rather than several.

Nintendo reports they expect sales to continue growing thanks to the Christmas holiday season that’s right around the corner.  By the end of January 2017, Pokemon Sun and Moon had already sold over 14 million copies.  And only time will tell if Ultra Sun and Moon reach the same heights of popularity.  Nevertheless, I’ve always found Pokemon fun in all its forms and hope these new games are also successful.

You can find more information here.

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