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Many people thought that once the lastest Pokemon of generation 3 Pokemon were released into the game. Those would be the last of them. However, many of us were wrong and it appears there will be at least one more wave of Pokemon for the Hoenn region. This next wave appears to be mostly avian Pokemon or ones that can at least float.

This means this prediction is probably right on. It’s just the matter of when these Pokemon will be released. Before the desert wave. We had seen a large release of water type Pokemon and even ice type Pokemon. It was actually surprised to see a wave such as desert Pokemon entering the game this time of year.

Desert animals are typically warmer and in warmer locations (yes, I know they are in warmer areas, smart ass comment.) This time of year is cold and makes even most animals stay hidden within their dens. It would have made more sense for Niantic to add the avian wave first. But what do we know about how nature works right? Yeah, some birds migrate, but not all.

Either way, here is a complete list of the generation 3 Pokemon that need to still be released to the game. It’s possible Niantic was holding this wave for a very particular reason. 2 of the most wanted Pokemon and possibly strongest can fly or levitate.

Taillow> Swellow

Wingull> Pelipper

Surskit> Masquerain

Nincada> Ninjask> Shedinja

Volbeat> Illumise


Swablue> Altaria





Clamperl> Huntail> Gorebyss

Bagon> Shelgon> Salamence

Beldum> Metang> Metagross

Do you want to know which other Pokemon flies as well? Rayquaza, the legendary Pokemon the is paired with Kyogre and Groudon. We have already seen a water wave for Kyogre and now a desert wave for Groudon. Who else thinks this avian wave will be the next and Rayquaza will be the next legendary?

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While Pokemon GO news is a little short and we are strongly anticipating for the release of Harry Potter GO. Let’s try something new instead of all those theoretical posts. Any suggestions feel free to let us know how to improve this topic. Aside from that let’s take a look at what was received in a Shining Legends Lunchbox (PVQ-MQLV-YCW-M7M).

It’s been awhile since I have looked into cards and their sets so this was all completely new to me. Though, I do plan on learning a bit more about the newer sets. First of all, let’s go over a little more about these types of articles real quick.

(PDB-Y27C-9QG-MXK) The plan is to of course keep our beloved viewers entertained while there is a lake of content being released be Niantic. Even once the information is released. It doesn’t take long for it to be covered and considered old news. A topic such as a card opening will always be fresh and something new can happen at any moment.

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