Overlord II Episode 7 Review: Blue Roses

Episode Highlights

When Momonga goes out of character: I love how there are scenes where you see him going from the most OP Overlord to just another guy. It made me giggle seeing him struggling with finances. When Nabe knocks on the door, he puts his helmet on and acts calm and badass as usual. Also, during the messaging scene with Solution, his voice even cracked in disbelief. I died.

Sebas is going full badass: I am pretty sure that in his ‘stroll’, he is going to go kick some major ass. Let’s just hope that he is not going to bring back with him any more beaten prostitutes with awful diseases and speaking problems.

Tuare’s potato stew: Yes, Sebas, that is indeed a very important reason for you to keep her. You must protect her now.

Princess Renner & Climb: Is this supposed to be some sort of romantic relationship? Because the way Renner reacts to Climb is borderline creepy. No wonder why Prince Zanac calls her a monster.

Themes & Trivia

Why is Climb treated like trash in the palace? Apparently, the palace guards are all sons of nobles, and the maids who serve in the court are all daughters of nobles. It is a security measure where they have to be sponsored by a noble who acts as their guarantee in case they fail or make grave mistakes.

This means that the servants are no mere servants, and information shared carelessly has a tendency to find its way to both camps, as we saw in the episode the maids were kind of eavesdropping on what the Princess and the Blue Rose were talking about. Climb, not being a noble, is an outsider in this situation and part of no faction; he is considered a bit of a cheat amongst many of the guards, and many of the maids look down on him for his commoner status.


After seeing Momonga struggling with the finances in this episode, I realized that probably he will make up some sort of evil monster or threat to make someone hire him as Momon and get more money. I am 100% sure that something like that will happen soon.

Princess Renner looks weird to me. She was called both a ‘genius’ and a ‘monster’ in this episode, which puts me into thinking if she is kind of crazy or something. Nevertheless, as the leader of Blue Rose, we are bound to see more of her, so we will learn more about her character soon. And she is supposed to be the ‘Golden Princess’ who is so kind, fair, and beautiful, but to be honest, she is not the prettiest design in the show. Even Lakyus and Nabe are better than her, with Albede, of course, being the on the top. And one more thing, what’s the deal with all the blondes in Overlord? I do remember someone mentioning in the first season that people with black hair are considered exotic, but seriously, just give us some pink or blue or whatever.

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