Overlord II Episode 1 Review: The Dawn of Despair

Episode Highlights

Hamsuke is back: The huge evil hamster is back and I have to say still love the way he talks.

Shalltear is drunk: I feel you sister. No better way to forget your problems than just go for a drink. I don’t get how she managed to get drunk if she is resistant to poisons as the bartender said, but you never know what the hell those cocktails had in them. I mean the one that the penguin got and looked like a rainbow, would certainly make you feel all nice and happy in no time!

Albedo is lewd-er than ever: Naked apron? Girl, you need to calm your tits about Momonga. He is a skeleton gut, a lich for god sakes! He doesn’t have any body parts other than bones…

Themes & Trivia

The first episode of Overlord II was actually leaked a few days before its original run date. The first episode received an early screening at a special event held at United Cinema Aqua City Odaiba on 17.12.2017, as well as an early broadcast on AbemaTV on 30.12.2017. And of course the fans got their hands on it and some managed to see it earlier than the rest.

I think the name of the old lady that was talking to the Dragon dude is Rigrit and I think that her voice actress is the one that is voicing Son Goku from Dragon Ball, Masako Nozawa. Another interesting fact is that this lady is 81 years old and she has been an active voice actress since Astro Boy! Talking about motivation right there… Is it mean to say then that this role of Rigrit as an old lady fits her perfectly?


I liked the fact that we are introduced to more characters besides those of Nazarick. I just hope that we are not going to get lost or have a lot of screen time given to characters that are irrelevant to the plot because that is going to be tiring to watch.

It will be interesting to finally see a strong antagonist for Momonga and the whole ‘I am bloody awesome’ part of the show is going to fade a little bit. It will be good to see him dealing with some sort of challenging opponent.

That girl in the beginning with the white and black hair (her name is Zesshi) is going to be in some deep trouble if Albedo finds out that she wants to make his babies as well. What’s the deal with the ladies in this show and having skeleton babies? They need to realize that he is just bones! Anyways, it will be funny to see them fight over Momonga, and if Shalltear joins in, oh boy, it’s going to be the ultimate hoedown.

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