Our 10 Most Annoying Anime Characters

There are a lot of well-written characters out there that can be celebrated. …Then there are these characters. Every now and then, you find a character that rubs you the wrong way. We are not talking about characters that are loathsome because they are evil or go against your core values, we’re talking characters that are greeted when they come on screen with an “Ugh.” Be it sheer uselessness or pure irritating traits, these are our picks for our top annoying characters.

Sakura from Naruto

sakura from naruto

There are a lot of annoying characters in Naruto – Sasuke, Karin, and hell, even the titular character himself at times. However, it is generally agreed upon that Sakura is pretty unbearable. If she isn’t drooling/moping over Sasuke, she is needlessly yelling and berating Naruto. Furthermore, whenever she is in a fight, even after receiving proper training, she isn’t that much use. The story likes to make her out as strong, especially later, but that didn’t really put her on par with any of the major fighters.

Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion


Stupid Shinji, stop being so depressed and angry with father issues and just get in the awesome robot. Sure, you might die, but you don’t really have anything to live for anyway. You mind as well risk your life to save the world. Jeez, think of someone else for once in your life. And you know what else? Stop ruining the ending of the show with your endless crap.

Shippo from Inuyasha

Shippo from inuyasha

There is a cruse upon all the chibi sidekick characters in any anime series that they will be hated. You know why? Shippo is exactly why. As a child, you expect him to be childish, certainly, but you expect him to at least contribute something. He offers up some snark, but the comedic relief he is supposed to give as a sidekick falls a little flat. Furthermore, he’s not even useful in a fight despite being a fox demon.

Misa from Death Note


Misa is such a poor excuse for a female character. When first introduced, Misa is shown as somewhat intelligent and you might even see a lot of potential for her as a partner in crime. However, she soon is devolved into Light’s arm candy and a slobbering fan girl in the worst possible way. There is being a dumb blonde character, but even dumb blondes don’t act that way 100 percent of the time. They have thoughts and emotions outside their man like normal people too.

Excalibur from Soul Eater

excalibur from soul eater

When watching Excalibur’s screen time on Soul Eater, you know he was a character that was seriously meant to be annoying. In fact, that is kind of the joke. He is one of the most powerful weapons in the world, but that doesn’t matter when no one can stand his shit. Of course, when you start bothering the audience with his personality, it makes his appearances an “Ugh”-worthy moment.

Nina from Code Geass

nina from code geass

This table rapist may not be as annoying as she is actively insane, but she is certainly one of the biggest nuisances in Code Geass aside from Suzaku. While she is actually a uniquely interesting character, it is only for her behavior. Otherwise she doesn’t have a lot of personality to her other that she is smart and obsessed with a princess.

Makoto from School Days

makoto from school days

If you watched School Days, you know what he did. In honest, he might just be the best written male character in a school life show to date, but that doesn’t make him any less loathsome. Basically, he has a crush on a girl. She won’t put out so he uses a girl that likes him for those urges. That’s pretty bad, except he proceeds to do with several other girls as well while still in relationships.

He gets what he deserves.

The Lobelia Girls from Ouran High School Host Club


There is nothing wrong with feminism, but there is something wrong with these feminists. Essentially the Lobelia Girls are everything people hate about hardcore feminism because they take it to such a point that they believe men shouldn’t exist. I mean, even most feminists can agree that you need men to make women, it just works that way.

Of course, the Lobelia Girls are just one more joke in Ouran High School Host Club, but it doesn’t make them not annoying when they try to throw a wrench in things.

Yuki from Vampire Knight

yuki from vampire knight

Yuki Cross is the Bella Swan of the anime world, complete with vampire lovers and everything. She has two men duking it out for her affections and yet she can’t make a single decision on which to pick. That is like 80 percent of the plot in Vampire Knight, but it doesn’t make it any less unbearable.

Juvia from Fairy Tail

For once, it isn’t the cute sidekick of a series that is annoying in Fairy Tail. In fact, Happy is pretty cool, but then there’s Juvia. Thankfully she doesn’t show up too much, but when she does, it is not a treat. She is just another annoying stalker-type character with neat hair and not too terribly much of a purpose in the story or the world.

The sheer annoying-ness of a character is highly subjective, so why don’t you head on down to the comments section below and let us know what characters you find annoying.


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