NTR: Netsuzou Trap Episode 7 Review: We'll Always Be Best Friends, Right?

I’m not sure how I feel after the latest episode of NTR: Netsuzou Trap. The most interesting cliffhanger of the series was resolved in a matter of seconds and the plot seems to be going in a different direction from what we thought. With no ecchi moments and a plot that hasn’t even reached a scene that we could even begin to describe as a climax, I start to doubt the purpose of this show.

Japanese Title: 親友でいられるよね?


Hotaru may be messed up, but her logic is still intact. There is no way that she can keep this up. Yuma may have feelings for her but she doesn’t know. The only thing Hotaru knows is that Yuma is not giving in to her advances and they have been blackmailed by Fujiwara more than once. She decides to give up and try to do something good instead: Patch up her friend’s relationship with the only victim in this series: Takeda. She reassured the poor guy that there is no one else, and that Yuma really likes him. Poor guy believes her and tries to get closer to his former girlfriend. This is not going to end well for him.

To help the situation, she distances herself from her friend. After a not-so-cute chibi conversation about how jealous they both were after getting their first boyfriends, Hotaru goes from sexual predator to loving best friend. No more boob groping. No more messing around. No more erotic experimentation. Just sex with Fujiwara and being friends with Yuma.

I wanted to give you a hard time

At the same time, Takeda, that cute little guy who has no idea what’s happening behind his back, is getting closer to both of them.

Episode Highlights

No Ecchi Scenes: For a show that promoted its ecchi elements, this was a disappointment. A few stills and no actions were not enough for a six-minute run that usually had a few sexy moments to spare.

No Villain: It was funny how quickly Hotaru resolved the situation with the picture. This could have been a major drama point, but NTR is not interested in the drama any more. Hotaru just orders her boyfriend, takes his phone, and deletes the picture. Problem solved. Fujiwara is not the villain we expected him to be.

Themes & Trivia

End Card: This week’s beautiful end card was drawn by Saburouta, the creator of popular yuri manga Citrus. The series is scheduled to be adapted into an anime.


I am puzzled. If there is one plot point left to this show that will need to be resolved at some point is Yuma’s confession to Hotaru. She is clearly in love with her, and their feelings is the only thing that keeps the plot moving forward. Takeda is just drawn into this to get his heart broken again and Fujiwara is just the occasional bad guy who is being bossed by his girlfriend a little too much to be considered a threat. Yet, the show insists on repeating itself on the same tone as its monotonous soundtrack, and honestly, without even the fan service spicing things up, I found myself bored.

Here Comes the M…eow…aid

I don’t even know what the next 5 ten-minute episodes will have in store for us. That last scene cannot even be described as a cliffhanger. Hotaru is in a maid costume, which is nice and cute, and the camera angle really highlighted the moment, but that’s that. Is this really just a Hotaru-Yuma love story?

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