NTR: Netsuzou Trap Episode 6 Review: Did You Think I Was Going to Kiss You?

You immediately knew that this episode of NTR: Netsuzou Trap was going to be amazing from the moment Yuma took her hand and landed it on Fujiwara’s face. For yet another episode of the yuri anime, the banging was second in importance to the plot, and for a moment there, I think I caught a glimpse of Kuzu no Honkai.

Japanese Title: キスされると思った?


I am always puzzled by the readiness of Hotaru to justify everything as being merely a joke. Her first kiss to Yuma was a joke. Her first boob fondling was a joke. Her sexy time while Yuma was on the telephone with Takeda was a joke. Fujiwara blackmailing the girls into having a threesome was a joke. NO, IT WASN’T. I don’t think that Yuma bought this one, and it became apparent from the severity of her reaction. That slap was justified and I wish it was accompanied by a kick in the nuts.

Hotaru must have taken the truth pill because in this episode she is a bit too frank. We knew that her relationship to Fujiwara was not healthy, but what we didn’t know was that Hotaru was perfectly aware of that. ‘He makes me feel at ease,’ she says to Yuma. ‘He is the same as me.’ There is certainly a hint of truth to her words. A truth that is reinforced by a more thorough version of the flashback we saw a few episodes back. Hotaru and Yuma were always in love. From the moment that Yuma saved Hotaru from those bullies, they’ve been together. But people change and circumstances change, and we have seen too many school anime to know that people grow apart when they make new friends. Their feelings, however, remained somewhere deep inside, glimpses of their true self that surfaced in different ways. Hotaru got back to her friend’s neglect by feeding her loneliness with boys. Yuma’s jealousy is more than just a friendly whim.

I don’t like Hotaru picking anyone else but me

The same theme of loneliness re-appears moments before Fujiwara takes that discriminating photo. While Takeda keeps his head high and refuses to give in to Yuma’s pleas for company, Yuma is overwhelmed with loneliness. And as we learned in the recent Kuzu no Honkai, comfort to that loneliness can be found in the most unexpected of places. Yuma’s feelings resurface and seeks that comfort in the arms of the one with whom she feels the closest.

I’ll take his place.

Episode Highlights

Slap: That must have hurt. I could almost feel Yuma’s hand on Fujiwara’s face. Even if Fujiwara was telling the truth, his advance was unwanted and a bit blunt. You have to have some guts to go in front of your supposed girlfriend and her lover, best friend, whatever, and propose a threesome or you’ll spill the beans. Fujiwara is a real jerk. It would have been interesting to have the time to see some of his background, but I doubt that we will.

Themes & Trivia

Chibi: The deformed character illustrations are usually used in comedic moments where the characters need to appear cute. Chibi forms allow for a versatile repertoire of humorous postures and are also a great way to de-charge an electrifying moment. I like chibi moments a lot, especially when they are coupled with random backgrounds.


We are halfway the short series and we already have a major bump that needs to be overcome. There is the possibility that you don’t feel the urgency in this situation if you are not a teen yourself. Fujiwara may seem your ordinary highbinder who takes advantage of the situation to get some threesome time with two beautiful big-breasted wannabe lesbians, and he may very well be just that guy, but we need to take into account their age. High-school children are not always conscious of their sexuality. Many are driven into despair and depression if they start feeling differently than the majority around them. Many remain confused well into their adulthood. While the severity of the situation is not portrayed as dire in NTR, our four protagonists are typical of their age, each to his kind. Some exaggerations are made, be it with Hotaru’s unsolicited approaches. Her most sincere advance was the one we saw in this episode. ‘I will take his place’ she says and echoes scenes from the recent psychological drama Kuzu no Honkai.


Fujiwara was certainly not joking the first time he made his proposal, and he is certainly not joking now. I am certain that the girls are not going to give in to his desire, but now there is a photo to worry about. Evidence if this kind can be used not only to destroy any hopes Yuma might have of getting back with Takeda, but it can also be sent to their parents as well. This is getting too complicated, and Fujiwara is already untying his tie. I wonder if there is anyone on his way there to kick his butt. Anyone? Takeda? Maybe?

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