NTR: Netsuzou Trap Episode 5 Review: I`m So Fed Up with Myself…

I am writing this review listening to some amazing Masaaki Kishibe tunes. His fingers run along the six strings of his acoustic guitar effortlessly and I am looking at the wall across my desk trying to figure out what just happened in Episode 5 of Netsuzou Trap. Not that the story is difficult to understand, but sometimes I feel that Yuma is incredibly confused to the point that her actions don’t make any sense. Is she in love?

Japanese Title: 自分が嫌で仕方ないよ……


Someone needs to tell Takeda what’s going on. He is such a nice guy that I’m sure that he will try to understand why Yuma has done what she’s done and help her get out of her situation. He may be the nicest guy ever, but he is not a fool. He spent the entirety of Episode 5 being the best guy ever. He refuses to believe that Yuma was with someone else (when she was) and is already willing to give her another try when she has thought about their relationship. Him breaking up with her was not an act of rebellion but a helping hand to the girl he likes. He understands that something is wrong (even if he has no clue of what) and is willing to let some distance between them until Yuma clears her head. I don’t see that happening soon.

I don’t want to jump into conclusions (more on this in the actual conclusion of the article) but Fujiwara seems like the creep we expected him to be. After a not very convincing confrontation with Yuma, he denies that he blackened Hotaru’s eye. I am suspecting that maybe Hotaru did that to herself. I say maybe because that last scene surely puts Fujiwara in the creep zone. Who would have taken advantage of his friend’s break up to blackmail his girlfriend and his friend’s girlfriend into a threesome?

Episode Highlights

Comfort: Ok, this is getting ridiculous. We all know that ‘comfort’ is a great excuse for boys to get close to girls they like after they break up. They are, of course, juggling dangerously between friendzoning and utter humiliation, but it’s a good hand and many boys play it when the chance comes. Hotaru is just taking advantage of Yuma’s mixed feelings about love and ‘comforts’ her in the way she deems more appropriate. I don’t know if the next scene of Yuma sleeping means that they slept together or not, but I am guessing the latter. Except for some serious fooling, I don’t think they have gone all the way.

Themes & Trivia

Love: Try and find the top theme in our pop culture and you will find love at the peak. We are pre-occupied with love (in all its forms) and even if we think that we share a definition, most people understand the concept in very different ways. Take Hotaru, for example. As Yuma is trying desperately to understand why Hotaru is getting physical with her, she contemplates on the nature of love and if she is really in love with Takeda.

What does it mean to love someone?

Hotaru then offers her own interpretation of what love is. It is a division between the person you love and the rest of the world. You want that person to be happy but only if it that happiness comes in a relationship with you. According to Hotaru, if you can’t have that person, you want them to be miserable. And Hotaru is living to that maxim. She complicates her best friend’s life as much as she can. She is messing with her feelings and her libido and tries to steal all the ‘first times’ she could have had with Takeda. Not that Yuma is not to blame. In the beginning, she was not very convincing when she mistook Hotaru’s advances as mere jokes, but now I think that she is really clueless.


You have to excuse these reviews if they are shorten than what you usually expect of MANGA.TOKYO, but you have to understand that there is just so much to say about a 6-minute show. By now, you should have realized that the yuri element is not that prominent, with drama being in the spotlight for most of its duration. I am sure that many of the viewers might be disappointed with the series if what they had been expecting is mostly boob touching and girl-on-girl action. Not that the show doesn’t have its moments. Last week’s groping was as sensual as it could have been given the circumstances. But the real protagonist is Yuma. Will she ever get what’s really happening or should we cast her for Aho Girl Season 2?

Let’s have some fun…

Fujiwara is a jerk, unless there is some hidden agenda behind his action. I seriously doubt that, but I want to be sure that he was the one who hit Hotaru before jumping into conclusions. You never know when a twist might come in the plot. I am pretty sure, however, that a threesome is not in the plans for the anime, so don’t get your hopes up.

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