NTR: Netsuzou Trap Episode 4 Review: …I'm Cheating, Too?

NTR: Netsuzou Trap is a weekly shot of relationship drama that sometimes seems too short for its own good. For its six-minute run, it manages to always advance the plot when other series seem to drug their animated carcasses for 25 minutes without any development. That doesn’t mean that NTR is doing anything particularly right. It just takes advantage of its short form to say a relatively interesting story.

Japanese Title: …私も浮気してるし?


Yuma is still not sure how she feels about Hotaru. I’m sure that we have all taken that strange behavior of hers for what it really was: jealousy. Just a glimpse of a side boob and we know that Fujiwara took advantage of what he knows (information is power) to make Hotaru sleep with him. We don’t know whether that was the first time or not, but given that he needed to put a knife in her throat to do so, I am guessing that it was.

Takeda is again the too-good-to-be-true guy who has the empathy potential to understand that something is wrong with his girlfriend. He prefers to sleep on the couch than forcing himself on Yuna, not that he would have even tried to. His sexy moment was subject to Yuna’s green light, one that never came.

I just get that feeling that you’re not into me

He is still the only real victim in this situation, until at least he gets wind of what’s happening. I am certain that he will, eventually. He is such a nice guy, and every love story that wants to be called a drama needs at least one of those.

The second part revealed what we have suspected from the first episode: Fujiwara is no good. He is taking advantage of what he knows to have sex with Hotaru. He is cheating on her. He was abusive. Yet, we don’t know why Hotaru is putting up with it. For all her passion towards Yuma, she is very defensive of her relationship. Or maybe she just wants to make sure that Yuma could fall in love for her before leaving Fujiwara. There is no reason in messing up with her friend’s life if she is not 100% sure that this relationship has any hope of existing.

The last scene is the sexual fantasy of many cheating partners, but I feel that the most important thing that came from that phone call is that Takeda suspects a third person is interfering with their relationship.

Episode Highlights

Yuma: I don’t blame Yuma for being jealous. That side boob would have made anyone jealous, especially if they have had a taste of it a few times before. I am getting a little lewd here, but hey, this is a sensual yuri anime. What did you expect? Also, that telephone scene in the end was so sexy that I had to watch it a couple of times. Still, poor Takeda.

Themes & Trivia

Abuse: If you think that a blackened eye is not a serious abuse, then you need to rethink on your definition of the word. There are many forms of sexual abuse and they all include undesired sexual behavior that is inflicted by force. That force may be both somatic, psychological, or both, and in Fujiwara’s case, we have both. In some cases, blackmailing someone to have sex with you is considered rape.


By the time this anime is over, we will have a nice short story in our hands. In an age of anime abundance, this feels like a small fresh oasis of storytelling. Is the story that good? Not really. But it’s condensed and focused and it doesn’t waste any time on unnecessary scenes.

We need a little more drama if the anime is going to reach its climax anytime soon, and I am guessing that Takeda is going to play an important role.

Is Someone There With You?

Yuma is falling deeper into her relationship with Hotaru. Whether it’s out of lust or a confused feeling born out of her feelings of love for her is not yet cut out. At least, Hotaru admitted that this is no longer a joke she can play whenever she wants. She is cheating on her boyfriend…with Yuma.

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