NTR: Netsuzou Trap Episode 10 Review: What Exactly Is Our Relationship?

The title of Episode 10 is ‘What Exactly Is Our Relationship?’ Let me think… I really don’t know, NTR: Netsuzou Trap. Why don’t you tell us? What exactly is Yuma and Hotaru’s relationship? Because the only thing we know for a fact is that the two girls have no clue what they are or what they are doing with their relationship and we are only two episodes before this short anime farce is over. Is this going anywhere?

Japanese Title: この関係は何なんだろう


As we expected, the cliffhanger of the previous episode was resolved in a matter of seconds. Hotaru made a silly excuse of why Takeda found her on top of Yuma: since Yuma is feverish and unable to lift herself, Hotaru tried to get her up without success. Even though Takeda brushes it off at first, there is this thought in the back of his head that there might be something going on between Yuma and Hotaru. This is the second time that Takeda suspects something is going on, the first one being the sex-while-on-the-phone moment a few episodes ago. Takeda is such a good guy that even his doubts are not enough to get him down the right lane. He may suspect something but he is not curious enough to test if his hunch is true. I doubt that he will figure out anything by the end of the series. Takeda is going straight for a major heartbreak.

We also get to know more about the peculiar relationship between Hotaru and Fujiwara. We already knew that they had struck some kind of deal but we had no clue of what kind. Both were sick of dealing with the drama of regular relationships. Fujiwara was a misogynist who had no interest in romance and was only interested in sex. Hotaru had no interest in boys because she was in love with her best friend. To avoid conflicts, they decided to become a couple, albeit with some rules: No drama. No meddling in each other’s lives. Sex when either wanted. Pretty much a basic and perfect open relationship that would cater to both their needs.

Episode Highlights

Wet Dream: Yuma is having some really naughty dreams about her best friend. We haven’t seen a boob in the series in quite some time. Not that the scene is in any way the best NTR had to offer, but it was at least something. Most of us started watching this show for the ero and the plot. Since we have given up on the latter, at least we should have gotten more of the former.

Themes & Trivia

Honesty: Fujiwara may be the jerk we all see him to be, but he is also the most honest with his own feelings, or therefore the lack of. His only use of women is only to satisfy his physical urges. He likes sex but he hates women. His relationship with Hotaru came out of a necessity to avoid unnecessary drama. He could have all the sex he wanted without the need for excuses and break-ups. He is a misogynistic prick, but he is also honest with what he is.


It’s obvious that Yuma and Hotaru are now dating. Sending meet SMS, holding hands, doing things together; that is almost the definition of relationship. With the miniate of Hotaru’s relationship with Fujiwara revealed and Takeda’s attempts to get closer to Yuma, I am wondering what the show could have done with its characters if it decided to delve deeper into their psyches and explore their inner feelings. Despite my deepest wishes, now that the short anime is almost over, I can’t see how a full-length series could have done justice to the non-existent dialogues and the superficial plot. 6 minutes were more than enough for what NTR managed to achieve.

Let’s go on a date…

Now that the girls are dating, the only thing left is for both of them to confess their true feelings to each other and to their boyfriends. Yuma is still not sure what is going on. Hotaru is still hiding her true feelings. Fujiwara is definitely hiding something but we don’t know what. Takeda is still in love with Yuma and is willing to give it another try. If we are going to have a train wreck, at least the show has to do it right. What do you think? Do we have any chance in a proper ending for the series?

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